About Chabad of Uptown

Chabad of Uptown; 4311 Bettis Drive

One of fourteen Houston branches of Chabad Lubavitch of Texas, Chabad of Uptown is located in the heart of the trendy Uptown area, near the Galleria, River Oaks and Memorial areas, offering Shabbat services, classes, holiday programs, a vibrant young professionals group and a mommy and me among other outreach activities.

Rabbi Chaim and Chanie along with their community have created a special inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. For Chabad is a home for every kind of Jew. Chabad just considers you “Jewish”. There are no labels. There are no differences.





Benevolence, Counseling & Crisis
Drug Prevention
Loaves of Love
Holiday Food Packages for the Needy
Hospital & Prison Chaplaincies
Senior Citizen Programs


College Campus Outreach
Holiday Awareness Programs
Young Professionals
Mitzvah Outreach & Education
Teen & Youth Programs
Torah Broadcasts by E-mail

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation & Tutoring
Family Purity Educational Programs
Mommy & Me
Jewish Learning Institute Torah Studies
JLI Teens
Lunch N' Learn
Torah Study Groups / Adult Education
Young Professional Contemporary Series

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The Rabbi & Rebbetzin

Rabbi Chaim: I was born and raised right here in Houston, Texas. My education at the Torah Day School of Houston provided the early molding of who I am today. Pioneers in the field, my parents instilled within me an appreciation and an awareness of the importance for Jewish outreach work.

I advanced my studies for many years in Oak Park, Michigan. Jewish activism has always been my passion. Throughout my yeshivah years and beyond, I had been involved in numerous administrative and field positions starting at the young age of 13 (they train us young, you know)!

Rabbi Chaim and Chanie Lazaroff.jpgAfter seven years of studying in rabbinical colleges, I received my Religious Studies masters followed by rabbinic ordination and a special certification to officiate marriages by Rabbinical boards that include Chief Rabbis of Israel, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, זצ"ל, and - יבלחט"א - Rabbi David Lau, שליט"א. I also had the great honor to be trained and certified by Rabbi Gavriel Zinner, of Nitei Gavriel, in the laws of Family Purity.

Rebbetzin Chanie: I was born in Brooklyn, New York to a loving family in the heart of the Chabad Movement near the landmark 770 Eastern Parkway. Having the opportunity to grow up in such close proximity to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, o.b.m., has made an indelible impression on me to fulfill his teachings to inspire every Jewish person on the planet to do just one more mitzvah.

I received seminary training in education with a special focus on Early Childhood Education. Throughout my schooling years I was involved in numerous administrative and teaching positions in Alaska (wow, was it cold!), California, New Jersey and Vancouver. Among our activities, I feel especially privileged to teach women for marriage and mikvah.

The Clan!

DSC_2732 cropped.jpgOur names are Chaya, Mendel, Rivky, Levi, Bluma & Menucha. We love  being part of Chabad of Uptown!!! 

Our favorite day of the week is Shabbat, when nice guests visit our home and celebrate with us as a big family. We hope to meet you sometime, too!