Tuesday, May 28, 2024 12 pm

What Really Happened at Sinai
Monthly Lunch & Learn, this month in preparation for Shavuot.  

At the monthly Lunch & Learn the community has an opportunity to enjoy an upscale lunch with like minded friends for a spirited class and discussion!



  • April, 2024 - Pesach 15 Steps to Freedom 
  • February, 2024 - Jewish Approach to Mindfulness & Meditation
  • January, 2024 - Kabbala of Dreams - Where do dreams come from and do they really mean anything? What Medicine, Torah and Jewish Mysticism (Kabbala) has to say about dreams lead by Rabbi Chaim and Sleep Disorders Specialist & Neurologist, Dr. Jerald Simmons!
  • December, 2023 - Why Chanukah? Moses dedicated the Mishkan, Solomon dedicated the First Temple, but only the Hasmonean rededication became a festival we celebrate until today. Why?
  • November, 2023 - War in Israel - It is a difficult time for Jewish people. Israel is at war. What can we do to help? How can we deal with the fear and anxiety?
  • October, 2023 - Spiritual Shelter: Finding Purpose in the Sukkah
  • September, 2023 - Heart of Prayer: Explore the Spirit of Prayer in time for the High Holidays
  • August, 2023 - The Attitude of Gratitude - Integrating happiness into our daily lives
  • June, 2023 - Heaven, Hell and Afterlife
  • May, 2023 - Lag B'Omer - Mystical holiday of Lag B'omer