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Shavuot Programs, Service & Candle Lighting Schedule

Open Door Policy. No membership required.

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Shavuot Shabbaton Weekend with
Rabbi Lev Yakov and Talia Voskoboynik

Sponsored in part by Rafi Benjaminov & Family in honor of the first yartzeit of his father Amnon ben Tova, a"h

Wednesday, June 1 
- 8:00 pm Shavuos Bake

Friday, June 3
- 7:30 pm Mincha Services
- 8:01 pm Shabbat candle lighting
RSVP Required for June First Fridays Shabbos Dinner

Talia: What Getting a Masters Degree Can Teach You About Being a Proud Jew
Talia's Personal Journey in Rediscovering Her True Self

Shabbos, June 4
- 9:00 pm Chassidus
- 10:00 am Shacharis
Followed by Lunch Kiddush
- 8:00 pm Shabbat Afternoon & Evening Holiday Services 
AFTER 9:00 pm Light Yom Tov Candles ( Blessings
- 11:30 pm All Night Learn-A-Thon
Lineup of Torah talks on many Jewish subjects! 

שיעורים בעברית

סודות שבועות בפרשת המספרים - במדבר
זיו מסילתי

דבר קטן אמת
עומר נחמיה

אוצרות מתנת חינם
רפי בנימיניוו

Why the Torah was Given in a Desert
Bluma Lazaroff, TDS 5th Grade

Location, Location, Location: Where you are matters!
Bonnie Pfrenger, Commercial Realtor

Happy anniversary- time to reconnect and reflect
Chanie Lazaroff, Chabad of Uptown

Honor and dishonor: Who are we really honoring?
Jessica Pfrenger, Premed Student

How To Attain True Emotional and Spiritual Freedom Never Worry Again!
Lev Yakov Voskoboynik, Yeshivah Educator & Mentor

The Story of Rus
Menucha Lazaroff, TDS 2nd Grade

The Engineering of the Jewish Body
Nina Pfrenger, TAMU Mechanical Engineering Student

Social Learning: Is Big Brother Watching? Torah Perspective for Privacy in Modern Society
Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff, Chabad of Uptown

The Utterances for an Eternity
Sara Matar, Judicial Law Clerk

The Art of Listening
Solomon Berezin, Holistic Health Coach

Is the Torah Still Relevant Today? Keep Living a Life of Inspiration
Talia Voskoboynik, TAMU Graduate, Masters in Accounting

Shavuos Secrets of the Parshah of Numbers - Bamidbar
Ziv Mesilaty, Personal Trainer

Sunday, June 5
- 10:00 am Morning Services (Shacharit)
* 11am-1pm Special childrens' service w/ games, activities and more!
- 11:15 am Reading of Ten Commandments & Party
followed by 1 pm dairy kiddush & ice cream party!

Lev Yakov: From Tennis Star to Yeshiva Student
The Life Changing Story of a Nationally Ranked Tennis Player to A Chabad Rabbi
- 8:00 pm Mincha & Maariv Holiday Services
- After 9:00 pm* Light Yom Tov Candles (Blessings)
* From a pre-existing flame.

Monday, June 6
- 10:00 am Morning Services (Shacharit)
- 11:45 am approx. Yizkor Memorial Service
- 8:00 pm Mincha Services
- 9:01 pm Maariv, Havdalla & Yom Tov Ends 

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