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Where is G-d when it hurts?

Thursday, 4 January, 2018 - 11:12 pm

No news is good news. Short week following our trip to Detroit, Chicago and back home. Other than that, I've got no news for you.

However, the Jews were sunken so deep in bad news they couldn't listen to Moshe's good news. We thank Hashem for the good times and the better times.

Ah, but sometimes we feel that there are bad times. Are there "bad" times?

If I feel the times are bad times, and it hurts, is Hashem there? Read this article that follows for more.... 

Where Is G‑d When It Hurts?

The Egyptians turned our lives into a hellish nightmare and reduced our dignity to sub-humanness. Suddenly, the great and mighty G‑d of heaven and earth, who creates and governs the entire world, decided to feel our pain?  more...


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