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"Pesach year free of anxieties"

Friday, 19 April, 2019 - 1:49 pm

We wish you a Happy and Kosher Pesach filled with the blessings of freedom as illustrated is this beautiful brief letter the Rebbe wrote. ~ Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

We look forward to seeing our Uptown community throughout the holiday, the complete schedule is below.

This year, our Pesach activities were covered with a charoset cooking show with Courtney Zavala & Derrick Show on Channel 2's Houston Life with and Pesach food demonstrations with Sally MacDonald on the 9 am Morning News on Channel 26 (backstage clip with Jose Grinan).

In other news coverage: YJP Houston member Ian Zlotnick sells his chametz among millions of others and the Texas Legislature marks the Rebbe's birthday with Education and Sharing Day and giving Charity in the Texas House of Representatives

Now, back to making marror and Charoset!!


Shabbat and Pesach First Days

Friday, April 19 | Passover Eve
Shacharit Service at 6:45 am
Siyum for Fast of Firstborn
Eat Chometz Until 11:09 am
Burn Chometz by 12:15 pm

Candle Lighting    7:33 pm
Evening Service    7:30 pm
Communal Seder    8:30 pm
Saturday, April 20 | Day 1
Morning Service at 10:00 am
Evening Service at  7:30 pm
Light Candles after 8:29 pm
Communal Seder 8:45 pm

Sunday, April 21 | Day 2
Morning Service at 10:00 am
Evening Service at 7:40 pm
Holiday Ends 8:29 pm
Chol Hamoed Mon-Thurs April 22 - 25 | Days 3 - 6
Morning Service at 7:30 am

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