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The Power of Two

Thursday, 11 September, 2014 - 11:57 pm

Today we reflect on what made the modern world forever change with the event of 9/11. Ask anyone alive in 2001 they can tell you where they were on that day.

I vividly recall watching from the JEM Brooklyn office a tower of the WTC on fire, seeing the second plane crash and then watch in horror as the formidable Twin Towers came tumbling down. During this time I was panicking if my brother Zalmen, who was with Morgan Stanley on the 72nd floor, was ok. Thankfully, earlier that same morning, I did not show up for my pickup duty because my nephew's bus arrived early from the Yeshivah in Montreal.

 lilly lazarus kosel reflection.JPG

 "Reflection" By Lilly Lazarus 

 The yeshivah students hanging out in 770, saw my lost nephew and found my brother Zalmen's number, waking him up instead. He called and told me not to bother getting out there, since he had already picked him up. Zalmen's dealing with my nephew followed by a lengthlier davening for the Elul Selichos prayer, delayed his arrival to the office that day.

Chassidus teaches that "Zeh L'umas Zeh Asah Elokim", the world of evil has a reflection in the world of good. 

We are also now less than two weeks away from Rosh Hashana. The final weeks of Elul are a time for personal reflection on the past and upcoming year. 

Let us use today's power of two, to realize our double potential to transform the world in these two weeks ahead of us.

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Mazel tov to Dr. Alan & Chagit Crook and to their son Mark Croock on his engagement to Osi Shmueli!

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