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It's a bar mitzvah!

PhotoGrid_1451624388079.jpgA major milestone in our lives was reached with Mendel celebrating his Bar Mitzvah birthday in NY, visiting & saying the customary maamar at the Ohel and receiving his first aliya to the Torah at 770 in the Rebbe's Study.

We resume our regularly scheduled programming with the turn of the new calendar year, moving back to our home and shul! Ah mechaya!

This week is the First Friday of the month (and calendar year)! It's time for the monthly YJP Shabbat dinner, #FirstFridays New Years Edition! Please RSVP

A Message of Hope

PARSHA: Who isn’t suffering nowadays? We’re surrounded by tragedy, difficulty and challenges. more...

Shabbos Parshas Shemos


Friday, January 1
Candle Lighting at 5:16 pm
Services at 6:30 pm | RSVP First Fridays 2016 Edition

Shabbos, January 2
Chassidus at 9 am
Shacharis at 10 am
Followed by Shabbos Kiddush & Farbrengen
Mincha at 5:15 pm
Maariv, Havdalla & Shabbos Ends at 6:13 pm
Living Torah

Have a good Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

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We are back in our Shul!

Due to construction there will NOT be Shabbos dinner or lunch this week, however, we ARE back in our shul!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 24 hour campaign! We are overwhelmed with gratitude for your outpouring of support and it only strengthens our awareness of how important Chabad of Uptown's work is for the community! 

Shabbos Chazak Parshas Vayechi

Friday, December 25
Candle Lighting at 5:11 pm
Services at 6:30 pm

Shabbos, December 26
Services at 10 am
NO Kiddush
Mincha at 5:10 pm
Maariv, Havdalla & Shabbos Ends at 6:08 pm

Have a good Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

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☞ It Begins Now! ♪♫ 24 hrs $80,000!



Inline image 1

Thank you for supporting our online crowd-funding campaign. Thanks to five generous matching donors, we have an amazing opportunity to raise $80,000 for Chabad of Uptown - in one day!


To anyone who has been to Chabad of Uptown, it needs no explanation.
The atmosphere and experience are unforgettable, the impression lasts a lifetime. Offering shul, classes, seniors, families, young professionals and many other programs, Chabad of Uptown is in the heart of the Uptown / Galleria area. Your contribution today helps make it all possible. We can't do it without your support.

Today's effort is an all-or-nothing timed campaign. Each dollar contributed online during these 24 hours will be matched 3-1. We have only 24 hours to reach the total goal of $80K! We hope to reach our goal, or even exceed it. If we don't reach our goal, you get your money back.


That means every $1 you contribute turns into $4!

$100 NOW multiplied by 4X= $400
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$500 NOW multiplied by 4X = $2,000
$1,000 NOW multiplied by 4X = $4,000
$1,800 NOW multiplied by 4X = $7,200

Go to to participate and follow 
the campaign's progress.

Maurice Purcell | Seth & Rivka Weisberg
Jeff & Deborah Karchmer | Ben & Regina Shamooelian | Jerald & Irina Simmons


RELOCATE: Shabbos Davening Details

IMG-20151216-WA0046.jpgDue to construction impacting the shul and residence areas, we will temporarily relocate davening for Shabbos to the Melnik home. Contact us for the address. Valet servicemen will give access to stairwell that directly leads to the home. (Much easier than trying to use the main entry). Please confirm if you plan to attend, so we can plan our minyanim accordingly.

20151215_155625.jpgMazel tov to Rabbi Chaim's brother Rabbi Lazer & Rochel Lazaroff on the marriage of their son Peretz & Mushkie in London! Rabbi took  break to daven Mincha at Buckingham Palace and joined the UK community in making a prayer for the Queen. See this fun video of a little Chassidic dance for the UK.

Shabbos Parshas Vayigash

Friday, December 18
Candle Lighting at 5:08 pm
Services at 6:30 pm at Melnik Home

Shabbos, December 19
Services at 10 am at Melnik Home
Mincha at 5:05 pm at Melnik Home
Maariv, Havdalla & Shabbos Ends at 6:05 pm
Living Torah

Have a good Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

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LAZZFEED: 7 Epic Chanukah Moments

What a whirlwind of a week! 
Here are our ➐ Epic Chanukah moments

Sat night YJP Houston, powered by Chabad of Uptown held their "Chanukah in the Sky" that truly kicked off the Chanukah festivities on Saturday night to a spectacular level. - PHOTOS

DSC_5306 cropped.png

Sunday morning Rabbi Chaim demonstrated his Latke secrets on Channel 2 on 6 am news -NEWSCLIP

latkes channel 2.jpg

Sunday afternoon at ChanukahFest we showcased our signature Dreidel wheel, that was one of the great hits among the booths! Channel 39 featuring the dreidel wheel, Houston Chronicle includes Levi singing in the TDS Choir at Chanukah Fest.

chronicle tds choir chanukah fest 2015.jpg

Monday, we joined Chabad at Rice at HEB Buffalo Speedway where HEBuddy met Aishel House Mitt!

chanukah HEB aishel house hebuddy.jpg

Tuesday, we had the second annual Chanukah on Fire Post Oak Menorah lighting, in cooperation with the Uptown Houston district! Israel Consul Daniel Agranov lighting the menorah was featured inHouston Chronicle and the event on Channel 11. The life size Dreidel Man was a big hit! - PHOTOS

daniel agranov lights uptown menorah -

Wednesday at the Galleria, Levi's TDS choir performed again & Rabbi Chaim lit the exquisite menorah.

galleria menorah choir player button.jpg

Thursday, we joined the Aishel House benefit, celebrating for a wonderful cause!

aishel house benefit sign.jpg

But, we have three nights left!

  • Friday night, join us at Chabad of Uptown for a Chanukah Shabbat dinner
  • Saturday night, Hoops & Hanukkah at the Rockets
  • Sunday night, you can head out to Pearland for a final menorah lighting at Town Center Mall!

Shabbos Chanukah, Rosh Chodesh Teves, Parshas Mikeitz

Friday, December 11
Chanukah & Shabbat Candle Lighting BEFORE 5:05 pm 
Services at 6:30 pm
RSVP For Chanukah Shabbat Dinner!

Shabbos Rosh Chodesh I, December 12
Chassidus at 9 am 
Services at 10 am
Followed by Shabbos Chanukah Kiddush & Farbrengen in honor of the complete health and recovery of Phil's father, Kasriel ben Rus.
Mincha at 5:05 pm
Maariv, Chanukah Candles, Havdalla & Shabbos Ends at 6:02 pm
Living Torah

Sunday, Rosh Chodesh II, December 13
Shacharis at 8:30 am
Followed by monthly breakfast sponsored by the Melnik family

Have a good Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

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TV, Sunday 6 am

YJP First Fridays tomorrow night, Greek Shabbat! Always the best party in town for age 21-39! RSVP

Tune in to KPRC Channel 2 NBC local news this Sunday at 6 am for a special latke demonstration by Rabbi Chaim!

Please consider Chabad of Uptown in your year-end contributions, for your 2015 tax benefit and consider including Chabad of Uptown in your will or estate planning.

Everything you need to know about Chanukah, including how-to, recipes, games and more at

PARSHA: Where Are Jews Truly At Home?

Europe was our home, but we were never at home there... more...

Below are our highlighted events among the 20+ events in the Houston


Chanukah 2015 600x800 top.jpgPre-Chanukah Event Saturday, December 5 at 8:30pm
at SkyHouse River Oaks, 2031 Westcreek Ln., Houston, TX 77027
ONLY FEW TIX LEFT! Join YJP Houston - Houston Young Jewish Professionals in their 20s and 30s for an elegant evening delicacies, music, drinks, and stunning views of the city from the private rooftop lounge at the new SkyHouse at River Oaks. Click here for more info

Sunday, December 6, 2:00pm
at Houston City Hall, 901 Bagby St
20th Anniversary Menorah Lighting at Houston City Hall Chanukah Fest attendees will be treated to a live outdoor concert by 8th Day Band plus even more entertainment by Judah the Maccabee Live Statues, Dreidel Mascot, LED Juggler, balloon artists, face painters, a dance crew & much more. A large array of activities and booths, arts and crafts, Houston Rockets Fan Zone, raffle, and a dazzling food quarter. Admission is FREE. At 5:30pm, a ceremony to light the Houston City Hall Menorah for the 20th time begins and concludes with a Spectacular Fireworks Show! Click here for more info

Monday, December 7, 6:00pm 
at 5225 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, TX 77005
Menorah Lighting & Chanukah celebration with holiday goodies and giveaways! Produced by HEB in partnership with Chabad at Rice and Chabad of Uptown.

Tuesday, December 8, 6:30pm
at Post Oak Blvd & Uptown Park Blvd
Second Annual Post Oak Menorah Lighting in cooperation with the Uptown Houston District. Amazing Fire Show by Darryl Cleveland! Giant Menorah Lighting! | Inflatable & Crafts for Kids | Refreshments & Gifts for Sale. Click here for more info

Wednesday, December 9, 5:30pm
at The Galleria (by fountain bet. Macys and Nordstrom)
Join us as we light exquisite handcrafted masterpiece Menorah by artist I. Cohen.

Shabbos Parshas Vayeishev

Friday, December 4
Candle Lighting at 5:04 pm
Services at 6:30 pm

Shabbos, December 5
Shabbos Mevarchim Tehillim at 8:30 am 
Services at 10 am
Followed by Shabbos Mevarchim Kiddush & Farbrengen
Mincha at 5:05 pm
Maariv, Havdalla & Shabbos Ends at 6:01 pm
Living Torah

Sunday, December 6 
Shacharis at 8:30 am
The BLT = Bagels, Lox & Tefillin at 9 am

Have a good Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

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