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♫ Nov. First Fridays ♫ Recovery ♫ #kinus

This Shabbos is First Fridays for Young Professionals! Matt & Yael Trusch will join us for a fantastic celebration! (Facebook Event). RSVP at 

Only in NYC! The Cabbie from LGA tells us among many amazing stories: "I once had a major accident in Harlem 20 years Teffilin NYC Taxiago when it was real bad. Some guys came over and asked if they can help. Before I knew it they robbed me of everything. The passengers were knocked out unconscious in the backseat. They robbed them too and even ripped out their golden teeth with knives. Thank G-d the city is not like that anymore. I'm not religious but I'm a proud Jew"! Mendel inspired us to get him wrapped up, he was excited to do so for first time in years! The Harlem thieves showed NYC old days Harlem stop and frisk Mendel showed Chabad love and caring.  #themissionneverstops #kinus

Watch the Live Broadcast (and see if you can find me dancing among 5,500 people :)) "Kinus" = Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries Banquet on Sunday, Nov. 3, 5 pm Houston time

Follow updates of the kinus on twitter with hashtag #kinus!

PARSHA: Constantly Recovering - Toldot

We view our disease as having its own personality, an internal addict that values selfishness and gratification. It is the older twin, big and strong, a hunter and an outlaw. more...

Shabbos Mevarchim Parshas Toldot

Friday, November 1 
Services at 6:30 pm 
First Fridays for Young Professionals at 7:30! RSVP
Candle Lighting at 6:18 pm

Shabbos, November 2 
Shabbos Mevarchim Tehillim at 8:30 am 
Services at 10 am 
Mincha at 6:20 pm 
Maariv, Havdalla and Shabbos Ends at 7:11 pm 
Living Torah

Have a good Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie


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Helping Young People Go Kosher One Kitchen at a Time

Jewish Herald Voice • October 24, 2013 Pg. 11

By Menachem Posner

Naomi Bier says she was surprised to learn that hot stones can sometimes be used in the koshering process, whereby a kitchen is purged of traces of unkosher food.

“I always knew that I wanted to have a kosher home myself when I grow up, so I decided that I might as well start living the future now,” says 24-year-old Bier, who is studying for her PhD in microbiology and molecular genetics at University of Texas.  Since she is a regular attendee at Chabad of Uptown functions, asking Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff to kosher her kitchen was the natural step for the Baltimore native.

“Basically, the unkosher residue is purged from the utensil in the same manner that it entered,” explains Lazaroff who has koshered dozens of kitchens in the Houston area over the years. “So a pot that absorbed liquid traces of non-kosher is purged through dipping it in boiling water. There are some instances however where it is hard to get super-boiling hot water to every surface that needs it, and we heat up the already hot water through running a hot stone over it. Other items need direct dry heat. Oven racks, for example, need a stronger form of cleansing with the application of direct flame heat.”

10-24-13 Helping Young People Go Kosher One Kitchen at a Time.jpg

Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff  and Yigal Rappeport pause for a lighthearted moment in the koshering dipping process. 

Lazaroff says that he regularly helps young people take the plunge to go kosher. “There are so many kosher items out there, that it is really a much smaller sacrifice than they often think at first, “says Lazaroff. “Kosher is a great way to keep a constant connection to your Jewish identity and it’s really good for your soul.”

It was just a few weeks later that 21-year-old Moshe Stein and three friends arrived in Houston from Israel in September. Since kitchen in the apartment that was arranged for him and his coworkers was stocked with non-kosher dishes and appliances, they contacted Lazaroff.

On their day off, under Lazaroff’s guidance, and Stein and his friends spent the morning scouring the kitchen appliances and boiling a gargantuan kettle of water. Once the utensils were clean and the water was boiled, the dishes were immersed one by one. Others were heated with a blowtorch until they glowed.

Additionally, dishes that are purchased from a non-Jew must be immersed in the waters of a mikveh, a ritual bath. “Rabbi Chaim was really awesome,” says Stein, “he took us to the mikveh and helped us make sure that everything in the kitchen was kosher to the highest standard.”

“There is technique here as well as halachic know how, so don’t try this if you don’t have experience and the right equipment,” Lazaroff cautions, “but the good news is that I am happy to come over and kosher anyone’s kitchen—it’s what Chabad rabbis do!”

As part of the Mehadrin Kashrus of Texas Kosher awareness campaign, you may  have someone help you kasher your home and guide you through the entire kashrus and kashering process. Contact the MKT kashrus administrator, Rabbi Betzalel Marinovsky at 713-777-2000 for more details.

Guest Rabbi Levinger, #Thanksgivukkah

Mazel tov to Nicholas and Sandra Morgan on the upshernish (3 yr haircut) of their son Ari! The community is invited to participate in this age old tradition this Sunday, Oct. 27 at 11:30 am.

#Kinus! Mendel and Rabbi Chaim will be heading out next weekend for the annual International KinusHashluchim - Conference of Chabad Rabbis (& Juniors :)). It will surely be a memorable weekend with inspiration to share upon their return. Follow hashtag #kinus on social media to keep tabs on live tweets from the Rabbis!

Guest Rabbi Meir Levinger of Mayanot in Jerusalem will discuss "Commandment to Love?!" at this week's Wednesday (Oct. 30) young professional's dinner, class and social! Is it possible to force an emotion? A text based study to understand how the Torah commands us to love Hashem, love His Torah and love your neighbor. - Facebook

November First Fridays for Young Professionals is next week, Nov. 1! Please join and bring your friends! Facebook event

SAVE YOUR CHANGE! Sun. Dec. 1, 5:30 pm we will have the Thanks & Giving Coin Menorah! Helpben hadden JHV magazine story.jpgus a build a GIANT coin menorah to benefit programs for Homebound & Seniors! Collect loose change from your family, friends or co-workers or trade in for change at the event.

JHV Bar Mitzvah Magazine featured an article about a recent Chabad of Uptown bar mitzvah that garnered Facebook comments like:

  • "Mazel Tov! Great story!
  • "I'm so proud of you for doing this! Glad you are doing well Ben!"
  • "This makes me so happy!"
  • "This is so great! I'm guessing the Israel trip was inspiring? Mazel tov!!"
  • "Wow...what a cool story"
  • Read the story here

PARSHAH: Countering the “If Only” Attitude

The “if only” attitude claims that if only we had some essentially missing quality, then our lives would be infinitely enhanced. more...


Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sarah

Friday, October 25, Cheshvan 21
Services at 6:30 pm 
Candle Lighting at 6:23 pm

Shabbos, October 26, Cheshvan 22
Preprayer Chassidus Study at 9 am 
Services at 10 am 
Mincha at 6:30 pm 
Maariv, Havdalla and Shabbos Ends at 7:18 pm 
Living Torah

Sunday, October 27, Cheshvan 23
Shacharis at 8:30 am 
The real BLT - Bagels, Lox & Tefillin at 9 am
Morgan Upshernish open to the community at 11:30 am

Have a great Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

Ben’s Belated Bar Mitzvah

Jewish Herald Voice 2013 Bar Mitzvah Magazine
By Menachem Posner. Photo by

13810-0026 (1).jpgThe son of an Episcopalian father and a Jewish mother who had joined the Southern Baptist church, the extent of Ben Hadden’s Jewish experience was the occasional holiday celebrated at his elderly grandmother’s home. “I had a growing desire to discover and connect to my Jewish heritage” he said, “but didn‘t really know how or where.”

But a wrong turn in the fall of 2012 changed all that. “I was out running,” says Connecticut native who has relocated to Houston to study social psychology at University of Houston Graduate School, “when I accidentally turned down a street I had never been down, and there was this giant menorah in front of Chabad of Uptown. Knowing that the menorah was Jewish symbol, I thought that maybe Chabad would be a place where I would be able to learn more about my heritage. I called them up and asked if perhaps they would be able to accommodate someone with my limited Jewish exposure. In hindsight it was probably the best place for me, but I didn’t know that yet.”

Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff, who directs Chabad of Uptown with his wife Chanie, remembers their first meeting. “I welcomed Ben to Chabad and introduced him to our programs. I was just thrilled that the oversized menorah drew him in. People always ask me why I leave it up all year long. This is why.”

With time, Hadden began attending classes and Shabbat services.  When Lazaroff suggested that he celebrate a belated bar mitzvah, Hadden wanted to make sure it would be a meaningful event, “not just getting called to the Torah and reading a few lines in transliteration. It had to be something that took real effort. I started learning Hebrew so that would be able to read the Haftorah.”

The date chosen was Saturday August 10, which is Elul 4, Hadden’s 25th birthday on the Hebrew calendar.

In the interim, Hadden spent 10 days in Israel, a participant in a Birthright trip led by Mayanot, after which he was inspired to start keeping Shabbat every week.

Karen Nudelman, Hadden’s girlfriend, who is also regular at Chabad, put her head together with Chanie Lazaroff to plan the party. “Since Chabad of Uptown is a young-professional community and many of us came of age during the 90’s, we decided to make the celebration a typical 90’s-era 13-year-old bash,” Nudelman said.

“Eventually we settled on a surprise theme that combined Star Wars and Doctor Who, two of Ben’s favorites. We even had a piñata that looked like TARDIS, Doctor Who’s time-traveling space ship. Chabad of Uptown is a really tight knit community, so it was really a communal effort. Everyone pitched in.

 “On the day of the bar mitzvah, before Ben got up there to read, I had knots in my stomach, but as soon as he started reading I couldn’t stop smiling. My Israeli-born mom turned to me and said, ‘He is doing really well,’ and coming from and Israeli that is quite a compliment. I was so proud.”

Hadden said that with his bar mitzvah behind him, he’s not planning to stop his Jewish education. “Now that I can read, my next challenge is to learn how to understand Hebrew. I want to know what I am reading when I pray,” he said, “and I want to continue to deepen my connection with Judaism and with God.” 

Rabbi Menachem Posner is a lecturer, freelance journalist and writer. He lives with his family in Montreal, QC. He can be contacted via his website, 

Why Women Don’t Need Circumcision | Birthday week!

  • The Jewish Herald Voice ran a feature article on Chabad of Uptown's Building Campaign! Check it out here!
  • Molly Resnick was a real treat giving all of us much food for thought in how we think about what is most important in our lives...20131009_202307.jpg
  • It's about time! This week's Wednesday class will be on Jewish Standard Time. Yes, Jewish time IS precise. Disclaimer: Modern Jews run social and shul events on a whole different set of rules that is beyond any explanation - especially when the soup is cold by the time it is served. Facebook >

Brian Grodner, a beloved man of all that new him, spoke for our young professionals in January of this year about overcoming challenges. He passed away over the Simchas Torah weekend and the Torah Day School community has come together for a final push of the playground fundraising campaign. $22,000 must be raised in October to meet a $18,500 challenge grant. In two weeks they have already raised over $14,000 with under $8,000 to go!

Why Women Don’t Need Circumcision

Why couldn’t G‑d have chosen an organ common to both women and men to brand our Jewish identity? more...

Shabbos Parshas Vayeira


Friday, October 18, Cheshvan 14 
Services at 6:30 pm 
Candle Lighting at 6:31 pm 
Shabbos Dinner sponsored in honor of this week's multiple birthday boys and girls!

Shabbos, October 19, Cheshvan 15

Preprayer Chassidus Study at 9 am 
Services at 10 am 
Followed by Kiddush sponsored by Ben & Regina Shamooelian in honor of Tzion Moshe's first birthday!
Mincha at 6:30 pm 
Maariv, Havdalla and Shabbos Ends at 7:23 pm 
Living Torah

Sunday, October 20, Cheshvan 16
Shacharis at 8:30 am 
The real BLT - Bagels, Lox & Tefillin at 9 am

Have a great Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

Chabad of Uptown begins expansion process

 Jewish Herald Voice • Thu, Oct 17, 2013 By Menachem Posner

Seth Weisberg calls Chabad of Uptown his “second home,” where he goes to pray, learn and schmooze with fellow members of the tribe – along with dozens of other Jewish families and singles.

“Events have become so full, and we want to be able to support the growing turnout,” said the Denver native who has been a part of Chabad of Uptown for the past three years.

To that end, Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff said his community is planning to expand the congregation’s current premises on Bettis Drive to hold a 2,000-square-foot sanctuary that also will serve as a multipurpose room for approximately 100 people. The attached dining hall will accommodate simultaneous and overflow crowds.

Artist rendering of the Chabad of Uptown expansion

In summer 2012, plans for the expansion were drawn up by Marks and Salley Inc., in tandem with a capital campaign. Weisberg said the results have been encouraging. “Our goal is to raise about $390,000. We have raised upwards of $235,000, thanks to many generous supporters, and we are poised to approach a larger pool of donors to finish the job. There are naming opportunities for those who wish to dedicate rooms or accessories to loved ones,” Weisberg explained.

According to Weisberg, the new wing will “be both a beautiful space for prayer and a multi-use area for speakers and other communal events. An important aspect of having two large rooms is that we will be able to have two events simultaneously, such as services for adults, with a parallel program for children.”

Rabbi Lazaroff said that the new construction is not just about size. “We will have an exquisite replica of the Western Wall, which will reflect our constant connection to Israel. The architecture is going to reflect the culture, nature and beauty of the area.”

Maurice Purcell is a major supporter of the new campaign. He sees Chabad as a bulwark against assimilation. “They are educating the next generation on what it means to be Jewish,” said the 76-year-old native of South Africa. “I hope that the expanded center will be a comfortable place where even more people come and learn about their tradition.”

Although Chabad of Uptown will be larger, Weisberg does not believe it will lose its signature hominess. “I love the close, friendly, open and accessible feeling of Chabad of Uptown,” he said. “This project will not change that, only reinforce it and enable more of it.”

To learn more about the project and for giving opportunities, go or call 713-419-3960. 


Keep Calm & ShabbatON! w/ Molly Resnick

keep calm and shabbat on.jpgCome hear Molly Resnick tell about her journey through NBC and Judaism. At last night's young professional's class she shared, "While all the tabloids were gossiping how producer Molly Resnick threw out John Travolta from the NBC studio for his staff wanting to edit her introduction, I was transformed realizing that the decorated celebrity himself had no say. He was like a puppet in the hands of his handlers. I sought truth and liberty, and Torah has liberated my life."

Come hear the rest of the story on Friday night over dinner or at Shabbos lunch over the best cholent this side of _______!

Friday Night, Oct. 11: From Palestinian Pacifist to Jewish Activist 
Shabbos Lunch, Oct. 12: What I did NOT learn at NBC

Please RSVP at (join on Facebook)

We have reached over 60% to our $400,000 building campaign goal!! Check out our thermometer on the right side of our website! Please join us!

YOUNG PROS: Wednesday class, dinner and social: Lot's Wife & Me; The Pitfalls of Obsessive Anger & Guilt

SAVE THE BAS MITZVAH DATE! Chaya Mushka's Bas Mitzvah celebration for ladies and girls,celebrating this great milestone in her life will be on Sunday, January 19, 18 Shevat, 2014.

Starting Oct. 29: New six-week course by JLI on the toughest decisions you will ever face. Jewish Perspective on Everyday Medical Dilemmas. CME Credits! More...

Shabbos Parshas Lech Lecha

Friday, October 11, Cheshvan 7 
Services at 6:30 pm 
Candle Lighting at 6:37 pm 
Shabbos Dinner with Molly Resnick at 7:45 pm

Shabbos, October 12, Cheshvan 8 
Preprayer Chassidus Study at 9 am 
Services at 10 am 
Followed by Kiddush with Molly Resnick 
Mincha at 6:40 pm 
Maariv, Havdalla and Shabbos Ends at 7:32 pm 
Living Torah

Sunday, October 13, Cheshvan 9 
Shacharis at 8:30 am 
The real BLT - Bagels, Lox & Tefillin at 9 am

See you on Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

re: Can you help?

Dear Uptown Community:

Chabad of Uptown runs on the wisdom and determination of the Lazaroffs and on the support and enthusiasm of committed Jews like you. Together we have been able to reach so many people with meaningful and joyous programs. Yet the sweet sight of our building filled with Jews also leads to uncomfortably crowded evenings and people turned away. As our community grows, we need a bigger building.

Chabad of Uptown has been successful in reaching Jews of all ages and backgrounds with programs like Mommy and Me, Young Professionals and welcoming Shabbos dinners. We need your help to build a beautiful community center so more Jews can participate. This will provide room for family simchas, holiday events, and children’s’ programs.

We have developed a design that will address our needs. The architectural plans are ready and we have a clear roadmap of how to complete the work.

We have raised over $240,000 of the $400,000 needed for this project. A group of committed members got us this far but we need your support to realize this plan. Can you help?

Consider giving to the general building fund or inquire about dedication opportunities. Either way Chabad of Uptown will recognize and appreciate your gift.

Your support has helped Chabad of Uptown make it this far. We need your participation again. Our request is urgent and the project is vital. 

Best wishes for a happy and sweet new year!


Seth and Rivka Weisberg

Join our Building Expansion Campaign!

Uptown_dedication page 2 banner.jpg

6:30 pm! | Palestinian Pacifist to speak at Chabad

What an unbelievably rocking Simchas Torah! It is customary to announce, “VeYaakov halach ledarko” (“And Jacob went on his way!”) - An inspiring month of holidays has reached its conclusion. Now it is time for “Jacob” to take all the spiritual treasures he has amassed in these few weeks, and “go on his way” back into the mundane world. Newly invigorated and spiritually recharged, he can be assured that in the coming year he will have the strength and fortitude to unflinchingly confront all the challenges that life presents, and bring meaning and holiness to every area and situation that divine providence will send in his direction. Forward march!

  • Join us this Friday morning, Oct. 4 at 6:45 am for our monthly Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan minyan,hallel and Torah reading, followed by fresh bagels, lox & cream cheese with fresh Keurig brewed coffee and flavors compliments of Brooklyn Bean Roastery!
  • Plus, this Shabbos is "First Fridays" for Young Professionals #OktoberShabbosFest!
  • Thursday Tanya Classes are on it's last section of Chapters 51-53! Join us for the finale!
  • Keep on the radar, Oct. 29: New six-week course by JLI on the toughest decisions you will ever face. Jewish Perspective on Everyday Medical Dilemmas. CME Credits! More...

Next week, we will have the privilege to host Former NBC Producer Molly Resnick! She will speak to the young professionals on Wednesday night and then lead a community Shabbaton for Shabbos at Chabad of Uptown!

Wednesday, Oct. 9: From Hollywood to Holy Wood (for young professionals)
Friday Night, Oct. 11: What I did NOT learn at NBC
Shabbos Lunch, Oct. 12: From Palestinian Pacifist to Jewish Activist

Mrs. Resnick (nee Sidi) a veteran journalist, former Israeli TV and NBC TV producer, has interviewed many of the world's celebrities.

PARSHAH NOACH: Where Bin Laden Went Wrong

It’s a safe bet you’ve not traveled to Hadhramaut, never mind heard of the location. It is an ancient region located somewhere in the hardscrabble deserts of eastern Yemen. more...

Shabbos Rosh Chodesh Parshas Noach


Friday, Oct. 4
Services at 6:30 pm
Candle lighting at 6:45 pm | "First Fridays" dinner at 7:45 pm

Shabbos, Oct. 5
Chassidus Study at 9 am
Shacharis at 10 am
Rosh Chodesh Hallel & Torah Reading
Mincha at 6:45 pm
Maariv, Havdalla and Shabbos Ends at 7:40 pm
Living Torah

Sunday, Oct. 6
Shacharis at 8:30 am
Bagels, Lox & Teffilin at 9 am

Have a good Chodesh and Good Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

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