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Angry Birds + Thanksgiving, Kinus, MobileApp

Dear Friends,

  • We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. On this American holiday, we reflect on how we are thankful for you, our community, who have partnered with us to create a vibrant community and Jewish future for Uptown. Related: "Thanksgiving: A Jewish Perspective"
  • Greetings from the International Kinus Hashluchim! You can watch the banquet live at
  • Introducing the new mobile page for Chabad of Uptown! Visit for our mobile site where you can access Shabbat times, weekly magazine, upcoming events, recent photos and more! Bookmark it to your phone! 
  • Saul Kaye Chabad House of Blues was great! Check out the photos here. Thank you again to Tali Bublil for the Hor Devours!
  • YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: This Wednesday - 7 life lessons from Angry Birds to be held at the Ethan's home (aka Club 1019), 1019 Gross Street. See who is coming here!

Shabbos Mevarchim Kislev Parshas Toldos
Friday, November 25

Services at 6:30 pm
    Candle Lighting at 5:05 pm

Shabbos, November 26
Tehillim at 8:30 am
Shacharis at 10 am
Mincha at 5:10 pm
Maariv, Havdalla & Shabbos Ends at 6:01 pm
Living Torah

Have a good Shabbos!!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie 

P.S. Join a piece of history!  


Feeling blue?

Dear Friends,

We are excited to host Saul Kaye for Shabbos dinner this week in preparation for the concert this Sat. night. Hang out with the artist, over food and great spirit! RSVP at

You can still buy tickets for the concert on Sat night at 7:30 pm at to include drinks and Hors Devours prepared by the very talented Tali Bublil! Buy in advance and save some cash!! $12 in advance, $20 at the door.

Next weekend is the annual international conference of Shluchim in New York. This year, Mendel will be joining Rabbi Chaim for this trip to New York for a special concurrent program for the children, the young Shluchim in the Rebbe's army. You can watch the amazing banquet, with over 4,000 Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries, lay leaders and supporters at the culmination of a five-day International Conference of Emissaries, on Sunday Nov. 27 live at

Parsha thought follows this schedule.... Scroll down more for inspiration! :)

Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sara

Friday, November 18
Services at 6:30 pm
Candle lighting 5:07 pm | RSVP for Shabbat Dinner with Saul Kaye

Shabbos, November 19
Preprayer Kabbala & Chassidus Study at 9 am
Services at 10 am
Followed by kiddush with the best cholent this side of the Mississippi!
Mincha at 5:15 pm
Maariv, Havdalla & Shabbos Ends 6:03 pm
Living Torah Video

Sunday, November 20
BLT = Bagels, Lox & Tefillin! at 9:30 am 

Tuesday JLI as scheduled.

No Wednesday or Thursday classes next week, Nov. 23-24

A thought for the week:

I am a stranger and a resident amongst you (23:4)

The Jew is a "resident" in the world, for the Torah instructs him not escape the physical reality but to inhabit it and elevate it. Virtually all the mitzvot (divine commandments) of the Torah are physical actions involving physical objects, in keeping with the Jew's mission to make a "dwelling for G-d in the material realm" by sanctifying the everyday materials of everyday life.

At the same time, the Jew feels himself a "stranger" in the material world. His true home is a higher, loftier place, the world of spirit, the world of holiness and G-dliness from which his soul has been exiled and to which it yearns to return. Indeed, it is only because the Jew feels himself a stranger in the world that he can avoid being wholly consumed and overwhelmed by it, and maintain the spiritual vision and integrity required to elevate it and sanctify it as an abode for the divine presence. (The Lubavitcher Rebbe)

The story is told of the visitor who, stopping by the home of the great Chassidic master Rabbi DovBer of Mezheritch, was outraged by the poverty he encountered there. Rabbi DovBer's home was bare of all furnishing, save for an assortment of rough wooden planks and blocks that served as benches for his students during the day and as beds for his family at night. "How can you live like this?" demanded the visitor. "I myself am far from wealthy, but at least in my home you will find, thank G-d, the basic necessities: some chairs, a table, beds..."

"Indeed?" said Rabbi DovBer. "But I don't see any of your furnishings. How do you manage without them?"

"What do you mean? Do you think that I schlep all my possessions along with me wherever I go? When I travel, I make do with what's available. But at home--a person's home is a different matter altogether!"

"Ah, yes," said Rabbi DovBer. "At home, it is a different matter altogether..." (Likkutei Dibburim)

More at 

See you on Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

P.S. Come join us for an evening of entertainment with the Pioneer of Jewish Blues Saul Kaye! 


Ghosts, Blues and other colorful stuff

  • Guitel Melnik appreciates your condolences for the passing of her father, as well as participation in the Shiva minyan tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 11 at 7 am and Sunday, Nov. 13 at 8 am. Please let us know if you can make the minyan.
  • This Wednesday's class for Young Professionals will feature a special topic Ghosts, Devils & Dybbuks: The Jewish view on the devil as taught in Midrash, Talmud and tradition. Pasta dairy dinner will be served. Beer and snacks. Visit for more programs for young professionals.
  • Our Thursday Tanya classes are going strong! Join us on Thursdays for lunch hour at noon or at 8 pm.
  • Join us next Sat. night, Nov. 19, at 7:30 pm for the Chabad House of Blues with Saul Kaye! Purchase tickets for all ages now to save!
  • The kiddush this Shabbos is sponsored by Ben Shamoolian in memory of his grandmother, Shoshana bas Mordechai, of blessed memory.

Shabbos Parshas Vayeira

Friday, November 11
Services at 6:30 pm
Candle Lighting at 5:10 pm | RSVP for dinner

Shabbos, November 12
Preprayer Kabbala Study at 9 am
Services at 10 am
Kiddush in memory of Ben Shamoolian's grandmother, Shoshana bas Mordechai
Mincha at 5:10 pm
Maariv, Havdalla and Shabbos Ends at 6:06 pm
Screening of Living Torah Video (15 minutes)

Sunday, November 13
Shiva Minyan at the Melniks at 8:00 am

Good Shabbos!!!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

Melnik Condolences & Shiva Info

The Chabad community extends its sincere condolences to
Moshe & Guitel Melnik & Family
upon the passing of Guitel's father
Enrique Tzvi ben Dora Devorah Felsenstein, of blessed memory
father and grandfather of 3 children and 8 grandchildren..

The funeral will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Monday
where the beginning of shiva will also be held.

The conclusion of shiva will be observed at the home of the Melniks
Thursday-Sunday, November 10-13
Contact us for address and phone number

Thursday, Nov. 10 - Mincha & Maariv at 5:05 pm
Friday, Nov. 11 - Shacharis at 7:00 am
Sunday, Nov. 13 - Shacharis at 8:00 am

May G-d console the esteemed family, together with all those
that mourn Zion and Jerusalem.

Click here to make a donation in his memory > 

Cha-Bad to the Bone!!!

chili group.jpgOh wow! What a great time was had the the 2nd Annual Kosher Chili Cookoff! The "Cha-BaD to the Bone" team of Chabad of Uptown was according to all accounts, the life of the party with music, mitzvos, dance and cheer for everyone! What a delight to see the crowd refreshing themselves with our free bottled water labeled, "Chabad of Uptown - Refreshing the Soul". We all participated in the laying of Tefillin on over a hundred men, many of whom were first timers! What an enormous mitzvah!! We raised over a $189.00 in the peoples choice awards directly to benefit the Berry Childrens' Trust. More fun and cheer can be witnessed in the pics here.

Details of the Torah Celebration and Parade on January 22 are shaping up! To be held at the Junior League of Houston, our committee is convening next week, Sunday, for a meeting to plan a beautiful fundraiser and event for the entire community! We want your participation! Please join our committee by replying to this email. More at

Young professionals - At Uptown we like to keep things simple. So here it is! Introducing: FIRST FRIDAYS! No longer is there a need to keep track of when and where. Every Shabbat is a celebration at Chabad of Uptown, but, beginning in Dec. the First Friday will be specifically for young professionals! See for the upcoming dates and details.

Shabbos Parshas Lech Lecha

Friday, Nov. 4
Services at 6:30 pm
Candle Lighting at 6:15 pm | RSVP for dinner!

Shabbos, Nov 5
Chassidus Preprayer Kabbala Study 9:00 am
Services at 10 am
Followed by liunch kiddush with best cholent this side of the Mississippi!
Mincha at 6:15 pm
Maariv, Havdalla and Shabbos Ends at 7:10 pm
Screening of Living Torah Video Program (15 minutes of inspiration for the week!)

9:30 am BLT = bagels, lox and tefillin is back!! Come wrap tefillin and enjoy fresh coffee, breakfast cameraderie & hayom yom!

See you on Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie


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