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jewish carpentry (sukkos) is here!!


  • Final class of Holiday Survival series tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 1 at 12 noon and again at 8 pm: From Judgment to Celebration. Lunch from Sabas...
  • IMPORTANT: Please let us know if you intend on joining us for Sukkot for a dinner or lunch in our sukkah, to join a minyan (any or all minyans listed below) or just to say hi and shake the lulav! You can reply to this email, RSVP online or call 713-419-3960.
  • Houston Hillel will be joining our Sukkot dinner this Friday night as part of their monthly Shabbat Across Houston. We look forward to a lively sukkot dinner!
  • The Annual Sukkot Extravaganza is an event not to miss! With a grand BBQ, rides, music, games and more - it is a fun event for the whole family! To be held at Chabad, 10900 Fondren Rd., Tues. OCt. 6, 2009, 4-7 pm!
  • Simchas Torah @ Chabad of Uptown will be an amazing celebration. Please join us for the celebratory dancing!


  • WOW! What wonderful Days of Awe where over 130 packed the house at Prosperity Bank Plaza and shared inspiration, tears and laughter.
  • Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped setup, clean up and throughout the holidays. A very special thank you to Jenny Hunker for running a beautiful Children's Program and service and to Marc Sands, Alexander Barsky, David Barsky, David Kirsten, Leon Trakhtenberg and others who helped move in and out of the bank building!
  • The sukkah is being constructed now in the backyard! It will be a huge Sukkah enough for everyone to fit inside! Many thanks to Alexander Barsky, David Barsky and Dorit Golan for their partial sponsorship of the task. You can join the effort too by donating here! We will be putting the Schach on Friday morning.... Care to join?
  • Among other thanks, we thank Ben Shamoolian of Houston Flowery for adding the beautiful garden off of the Shul and social area! It is a pleasure to look at!

High Holiday Mailbag

  • it was great! Thank you and Hani for such a wonderful Yom Kippur
  • you are the best! it was interesting, funny and challenging in one time ---- only rabbi chaim can do it!!

The Schedule

Fri., Oct. 2 
- 6:49 pm Light Shabbat & Holiday Candles
- 7:00 pm Mincha & Evening Services
-8:00 pm Community Sukkah Dinner  
Houston Hillel
Shabbat Across Houston!
Sat., Oct. 3
- 10:00 am Morning Services 
- No Lulav
- 7:00 pm Mincha & Evening Services (Maariv)  
- After 7:41 pm
Light Holiday Candles
Sun., Oct. 4
- 10:00 am Morning Services 
- Special Chabad Hebrew School Program
- Lulav & Etrog available for public use 
- 7:00 pm Mincha
- Holiday Ends 7:40 pm

Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah

Fri., Oct. 9 - Shemini Atzeret
- 6:41 pm Light Shabbat / Holiday Candles
- 6:45 pm Mincha & Evening Services
Hakafot-celebratory dancing

Sat., Oct. 10 - 
Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah

- 10:00 am Morning Services
- 12:15 pm Yizkor 
- 6:45 pm Mincha & Evening Services
-7:30 pm Grand Hakafot-celebratory dancing  
- After 7:33 pm
Light Candles    

Sun., Oct. 11 -Simchat Torah
- 10:00 am Morning Services
Hakafot-celebratory dancing
- 6:45 pm Mincha & Evening Services  
- 7:32 pm Simchat Torah Ends

Click here for information about the holidays >>

mailbag and news

From the Mailbag:

  • Hi Rabbi Chaim (& Chanie), I enjoyed celebrating the chag with you and your family yesterday. The company was great! :)
  • Hi Rabbi, Thank you very much for putting on the Yom Tov Service, It reminded me very much off home and the Yom Tov I enjoyed back in the UK. I really enjoyed the service, your naration of the service which made it really easy to follow. I really enjoyed your serman and have been telling all your jokes as if they were my own. I look forward to seeing you on Yom Kippur.
  • Rabbi, Thank you for making such a wonderful Rosh Hashana experience -- services and meals were extraordinary! Thank you!!!


  • Mazel tov to Rabbi Yossi & Manya Lazaroff of Chabad at Texas A&M in College Station upon the birth of triplets! The two girls and one boy are, Baruch Hashem, thriving and doing well.
  • Our sincere condolences to Dr. Jerry & Irene Simmons and family upon the passing of their father and grandfather on Thursday right before Erev Rosh Hashana...


Shana Tova with a Musical Havdalla!

Shana Tova,
I wish I can write a complete greeting, blog and blessing, but for lack of time I will make this just a quick note, for clarity sake.  
  • Services will be held at the Prosperity Bank Plaza, 4299 San Felipe, Enter from Briarglen off of San Felipe
  • Dinners will be held at Chabad of Uptown 4311 Bettis Drive
  • We will walk to Tashlich at the Park Pond on Post Oak south of Hidalgo. We will walk there together after the Mincha service to held at the bank on Sunday and then walk back for Maariv and a special Musical Havdalla by our Cantor Rabbi Daniel Gavin and his Guitar!
With wishes for a Kesiva Vachasim Tova,

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

"surviving" the High Holidays & $25,000... :)

As we gear up for the New Year, 5770 years to the creation of the world, we have a lot to be thankful for. This year has brought Chabad of Uptown many great new beginnings, as we moved to our permanent location and expanded programs.

  • The contemporary themes course for Young Professionals on Temptations, Afterlife, Tattoos and Kabbala of the High Holidays saw a collective attendance of over 40 students. The summer closeout BBQ brought together close to 50 young Houstonians, the future leaders of the Jewish community, for some great food, peppers and comeraderie. Rabbi Chaim gave an inspirational take on the "Kabbala of Good Food"... A special thank you to Michael Kronman for manning the grill and Abriella Fuerst and Kirby Chenkin for helping setup!
  • Our remote parking lot is now official! The signs and maps have been installed! All Chabad of Uptown patrons are permitted to park at the surface parking marked for Chabad of Uptown at the Prosperity Bank Plaza. Access the parking lot on the east side of the bank plaza on Briarglen Drive. Signs indicate the appropiate parking location.
  • The plaza will also be the venue for this years uplifting, informal and inspirational High Holiday services. Please enter from the Briarglen approach for easiest access to suite 350 in the 4299 San Felipe building (on left when looking from Briarglen). If you have not made your reservations for services and / or the dinners or taken advantage of our Birthrght Membership package, please do so right away to we may plan accordingly. See here for the complete candle lighting and service schedule.
  • We will also be offering a High Holiday survival course by the Jewish Learning Institute for three Thursdays, beginning September 17. Click here for the course syllabus and for more information.
  • Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Sukkot community dinner on Friday, Oct. 2 and Simchat Torah Saturday Oct. 10!
  • Have you been voting for Chabad of Uptown to win $25,000? Visit the heroes website every twelve hours! Make it your browser home page!

Shabbos, Parshas Neztavim-Vayelech

  • Candlelighting this week at 7:15 pm.
  • Friday night services at 7:30 pm as throughout the whole summer.
  • Shabbos day Preprayer study at 9am, Shacharis at 10 am followed by CHOLENT!
  • Mincha at 7:15 pm. Conclusion of cycle of ethics of our fathers with chapter 5 & 6.
  • Maariv, Havdalla and Shabbos ends at 8:07 pm.
  • Please join for Selichos on Saturday night (truly early Sunday morning :)) at 1:00 am at the Chabad Lubavitch Center, 10900 Fondren Road.

On a more personal note:

  • We mourn the passing of a very special man, the grandfather of Chanie, Rabbi Shmuel Tzvi Fox. He was special in many ways and will sorely be missed by his wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  • Rabbi Chaim was scheduled to leave on Sunday for FL for the southeast conference of Chabad shluchim. 10 min. before he left for the airport we were notified of the passing of Chanie's maternal grandfather. So Rabbi Chaim cancelled his flight and made Chanie a ticket. So, RC ended up staying in Houston and Chanie was is in NY... She came back late Tuesday night greeted by all the kids all got sick and are just getting over it...

May you be inscribed and sealed for a happy and healthy, sweet New Year,

Rabbi Chaim, Chanie & Clan

new 3 part holidays course and young professionals BBQ


A lot has gone on these past few weeks.

  • We just concluded our four part series on contemporary issues. This Wednesday we will have our Summer Closeout BBQ for the Young Adults and Professinals crew... spread the word! By popular demand, i will teach a short thought on the "Kabbala of Food".... :)
  • Join the Holiday education series where we will explore the esoteric and kabalistic meaning behind these special days. We hope to give you a refreshing perspective which is sure to bring a newfound appreciation and excitement to your Holidays. This course will bring meaning and insight which will enhance your holidays no matter where you attend services. To be held on Thursdays, Sept. 17 - Oct. 1 offered at 12-1:15 pm ($10 for lunch) and at 8-9 pm. Click here for the course syllabus!
  • Please register for the High Holidays! And spread the word about the FREE "Birthright Membership" - Read the Blog and the  Fine Print for more!
  • Vote to help Chabad of Uptown win $25,000 in the hero campaign! Make it your home page and vote every 12 hours!!




Shabbas Parshas Ki Savo
Friday, September 4
Candle Lighting 7:23 pm
Services at 7:30 pm
    Followed by dinner celebrating Layn's homecoming!

Shabbat, September 5
PrePrayer Study 9:00 am
Shacharit 10:00 am
    Followed by buffet kiddush 
Mincha 7:30 pm
    Ethics of our Fathers Chapters 3 & 4
Shabbat Ends, Maariv & Havdalla 8:16 pm

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