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Victim of Houston Shooting Celebrates Survival at Local Synagogue

Israeli consul Belaynesh Zevadia and daughter Lee enjoy an art project with another boy during a Friendship Circle event at Chabad-Lubavitch of Uptown in Houston.
Israeli consul Belaynesh Zevadia and daughter Lee enjoy an art project with another boy during a Friendship Circle event at Chabad-Lubavitch of Uptown in Houston.

When Sarcalem Adigeh was struck by a crazed neighbor’s bullet, the Houston Jewish community collectively held its breath. Adigeh was a loved member whose wife, Belaynesh Zevadia, served as the deputy Israeli consul to the southwestern United States.

This month, the same community came together to give thanks for Adigeh’s survival during a Shabbat kiddush held at Chabad-Lubavitch of Uptown.


Uptown - upside down... rescheduling - NO SHABBAT SERVICE

There will not be services this Shabbat. As the new Pavilion space is not prepared properly yet, we have rescheduled the Shabbats at Uptown, to begin with Shavuot (June 8-10)!
We are very excited about our move to a larger and beautiful location at The Pavilion on 1800 S. Post Oak Blvd! A very special thank you to Marc Sands, Moshe Melnik, Guitel Melnik, Gurnee Pearsall, Ofir Caspi, Alan Croock, Roi Croock, Andrew Schultz, Andrea Schultz, Hava Schultz, Leah Schultz, Ivy Stanev, Rochelle Maryanovsky, Paul Vealdez, Eidan Ohana, Sarit Ohana and of course Noa Ohana for all of the tremendous help, beyond the call of duty, helping us pack up and prepare for the move. The moving process itself has been an adventure, including having to move everything into storage while the space is still being finished, and having the moving laborers quit on us three times... :)
We have raised over $3000 for repairs and still need another $3000 (the bill grew thanks to A/C problems :() plus another $5000 for associated move and furniture costs. Please donate today and help us create a unifying place in Uptown Houston for all to enjoy! (Place "Chabad of Uptown" in the "in honor of" field).
We are looking forward to many wonderful times at our brand new location... get ready to rev the engines again!
Here is the calendar of Shabbat Service Dates:   
June 8-10 - Shavuot (Eve. 8pm, Morn. 10am - 
Full Schedule)
June 13-14
June 27-28
July 11-12
July 25-26
August 8-9
August 22-23
Of course, we have to mention Lag B'omer, which is today. A wonderful BBQ was had last night by all for young singles and couples at our home. 40 gestational consumers of great BBQ chicken, dogs, burgers & marshmallows (ran by the indefatigable Ofir Caspi...) with drinks created by Felice Schimmel were enjoyed by all...
Good Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

A Farewell Shabbat / Seudat Hoda'ah

Dear Friends,
Please join us for our "moving sale" where our "Grand Opening" and "Going out of Business" happens all at once! :). The "Little House that Could" has come to its final rest, and we will leave it in style!
Shabbat Parshat Emor @ 5103 San Felipe
Friday, May 9: Services at 7:30 pm followed by "The Final Dinner" - RSVP (Candle Lighting at 7:46pm)
Saturday, May 10: Shacharit 10 am followed by kiddush with best cholent this side of the...
The Kiddush is sponsored by Sarcalem Adigeh and his wife Vice Consul of Israel Belaynesh Zevadia, as a Seudat Hoda'ah (Feast of thanks to Hashem) marking one year since Sarcalem survived a criminal shooting exactly one year ago on the fifth day of Iyar. Please join his family, and us - his extended family - as we all give thanks to Hashem. (Houston ChronicleJTAHaaretz, YNET).
NOTE: Lag B'omer / Shabbat May 23-24 @ 1800 S. Post Oak.
We will have our Grand Opening of our new location at The Pavilion located at 1800 S. Post Oak (around the corner from where we are now). Save the dates for future Shabbats: June 6-7, Shavuot June 8-10 & June 20-21.
The U-Haul will haul only with "U"! Please help us move on Sunday, May 11 (mother's day). We got work for everyone... Just send us a line, and we will assign you a job...
Thank you to those who have stepped forward with financial support for the move. So far we have raised $1300 to help pay for the repairs and moving costs. We are still $3700 away from the bill for repairs and another $5000 are needed for associated moving, storage and furniture costs. Please join the effort! Visit and insert "Chabad Uptown" in the honor field!
We look forward to seeing y'all Shabbos!Rabbi Chaim & Chanie
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