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Chabad of Uptown and personal diary updates! Please comment on our posts, we would love to hear from you!

So Bush is giving you money...

…to stimulate the economy, uhu, sure....
But consider this:
why not give tzedakah using the cash you weren't counting on to help Chabad of Uptown? We're counting on YOU!

You see, Chabad of Uptown needs to: 
- move out of its current location by May 15... 
- does great work with Jews young and old living and / or working in the Uptown/Galleria area...
And speaking of some numbers:
- 100+ attended the Uptown Pesach seders
- 1 picture on Houston Chronicle front page story on Pesach and 4 on (Last 4 in Gallery)
200+ Uptown Jews participated in High Holiday Services at the Hilton Post Oak
- 200+ ate in the only Sukkah on San Felipe
100+ people attended the Chanukah Bowling and Menorah Lighting
100+ spaced out with Astronaut Chaio at Purim in Outer Space
- 20-30+ study together and privately weekly in the Uptown area
- 1000+ hours of Torah has been studied collectively
- 200+ Mezuzos have been affixed on peoples doors in the past year
- 10+ Kitchens have been kashered in the past year
- 10+ Teffilins have been purhased
- $100,000+ is Chabad of Uptown's frugal budget
- $10,000 is needed to move to, repair and furnish the much needed larger new temporary space at the Pavilion on Post Oak
Simply hit reply and say, "Yes! RC, count me in for X percent of my stimulus package!" And I will follow up with you when the gelt (not the chocolate) hits.
No Schlepping, no filling out painful credit card forms. (Unless you want to right now at - put "UPTOWN" in comments)
Just hit reply now, and we'll cha-ching later!
All the best and we hope you had a great Pesach,
Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

The Uptown Move...

Dear Friends,
We hope your Pesach Seders went well, and you are enjoying these wonderful days of Matzah freedom...
Please not that there will not be classes this Thursday (tomorrow) at noon or evening. Join us next Thursday, May 1.
We were pleased to announce at the Pesach services about our moving to larger (yet still temporary) beautiful accommodations for Chabad of Uptown. We will move to the Pavillion on Post Oak at 1800 Post Oak Blvd sometime within the next few weeks! We are looking for sponsors to assist the preparation of the rented space with repairs, plumbing, etc. Please let us know if you can participate and stay tuned for more details.
Join us for the final days of Pesach and for some wonderful final days at our home of two short years...5103 San Felipe. Here is the schedule including holiday services, all night Torah study, yizkor and Moshiach's Seudah!

Passover Final Days Service Schedule

Friday, April 25
- Before 7:37 pm Light Yom Tov Candles (Blessing 3)
- 7:30 pm Mincha & Maariv Services
- 12:00 am Late night Torah Study

Shabbat, April 26, 7th Day of Pesach 
- 10:00 am Morning Services (Shacharit)
- 7:30 pm Mincha & Maariv Services
- After 8:33 pm Light Yom Tov Candles (Blessing 2)

Sunday, April 27, Acharon Shel Pesach
- 10:00 am Morning Services (Shacharit)
           - 11:15 am Yizkor Memorial Service
- 6:30 pm Mincha
- 7:00 pm Moshiach Seudah followed by Maariv Services
- 8:38 pm Holiday Ends

Wait one hour before eating chometz to allow the Rabbi to buy it back for you.

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Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

The Loving Kohen Doctor

This week's Torah portion discusses the laws of Tzara'at (closest translation would be leprosy). Leprosy can afflict the skin, the clothes, or even the walls of one's house.
Like visiting a doctor to have a lesion, or any sort of virus examined, in the case of leprosy, or a possible indication of it, one must visit the kohein, the priest, who will examine the leprosy and rule whether it is pure or impure.
Why the Kohein? Why not a skin doctor, or a leprosy professional, maybe a Rabbi?
The answer is given, that the Kohein is known as an Ish Hachesed, a man of intrinsic kindness. When he is approached to analyze a man of leprosy, he will judge kindly and favorably.
This teaches us a powerful lesson, how we must look at another person. We may think that they are afflicted with some sort of spiritual disorder, but when we look with the eyes of a Kohein, the eyes of kindness, we might see that in truth they are pure and holy.
Even when there is a need to declare the person impure, which means that the person is in need of reproach or rebuke, it must be done in a respectful manner and with love, like a parent to a child.
Wishing you a Shabbat of love and peace,
Rabbi Chaim
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