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Are we helping or relieving our charges?

Shabbat Parshat  Vayakhel:
Friday, Feb. 29: 6:30 pm "User-Friendly" Services Followed by Shabbat Dinner. Candle Lighting at 6:03pm
Saturday, Mar. 1: 10:00 am Shacharit Services Buffet Kiddush following!
                           6:15 pm Mincha, Informal Torah Study
                           6:57 pm  Maariv & Havdalla  and screening of Living Torah Video Magazine                             
The Sched:
2 Tuesdays left - JLI with Rabbi Traxler .

Torah Classes  with Rabbi Chaim this Thursday 12  (lunch) or 8pm
The class: Vayakhel: Keeping Focused
Following the Exodus from Egypt, an individual who was both a prince and a scholar, known as the Nasi, led each of the twelve tribes. We learn in this week's portion that the princes were among the very last of the Jewish people to contribute towards the building of the Tabernacle. What was the reason for their delay? Why did they wait until last to bring their contributions? Shouldn't they have been role models for the people, and wouldn't they have inspired the people to donate even more if they had gone first, or at least earlier? In this week's class we’ll see what we can learn from the princes' collective delay, and what it says about true Jewish leadership.
March 14: Chabad's Young Adults Shabbaton hosted at Uptown! Pass on the word the best company in the hippest Jewish venue! 

Purim in Space:  The postcards will be in your mailbox this week. Massive 6'x9' banner going up tomorrow on San Felipe... March 20, bring the entire clan, and meet Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao! Click here for the whole megillah!
Around the Chabad Town:
The Aishel House concert was truly an inspiration. Words can not describe the moving moments imparted with the video (online here) and heartfelt words shared by patients and Doctors touched by Aishel House. The M-Generation boys show group tremendous vocals (a little too loud perhaps :)) was only surpassed by perfect choreography.
Rabbi Simon Jacobson invigorated all with food for thought that propelled every person to evaluate their meaningful life. He honored us with a intimate dinner at our home, besides for his empowering words at Shul at Chabad on Fondren on Shabbos and at BJE's Yom Limmud on Sunday. Testament to his powerful words was the mere sales of his book surpassing all authors present at Yom Limmud.
Around the House:
Chanie & I celebrated our seventh anniversary with a quiet evening out on Kemah boardwalk...
Chaya Mushka got new earrings. Better yet, on this special mom / daughter shopping, she gave Chanie her opinion on choice shoes for the mother. Having a growing girl in the house has hit a special chord.
Mendel has brought to light some philosophical discussions. He protested my assisting him when using the term “help”. As father’s we typically relieve the children rather than assist.  i.e.: The dressing in pajamas, if truly only “helping”, should not be placed on the person, rather staged for his ownership of task. In addition, he pointed out, if people would go Biblical and still marry multiple wives there would not be enough ladies for the men to marry. (Which formulates difficulty comprehending the single scene phenomenon).  I am sure Morris R. Cohen would be proud of him (thank you, H.E.). 
Rivky awoke (herself and all of us) to an apparent nightmare. Her friend Esti must come for a playdate. When her fears of parent rejection of this arrangement were alleviated she went back to her peaceful sleep.
Levi’s crawl has evolved to a handless toddle and is currently at waddle state. His pursuit to keep up with champion runner and climber siblings has brought about significant expressed frustration in recent days. 
See you Shabbos!! 
Rabbi Chaim & Chanie 
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