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Please Invest - Today.

Dear Friends,
Please give me a moment of your time to read these words - I write them with an open heart...
The Opportunity;
"This is a week of unprecedented opportunity with guaranteed returns for those who will invest"
No, that's not a quote from Warren Buffet on the opportunities (for those with liquid resources) in the astonishing trends of the last few weeks.
It's a quote from Maimonides describing this week - between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur - as the opportune time to invest with the resources of our soul and spirit.
But we have to invest.
The Resources;
The High Holiday liturgy teaches us of - and Maimonides expounds on - the three channels we can use to ensure a good New Year; 1. Prayer 2. Repentance and 3. Charity.
While I am sure that we have all spent much time in Prayer, we have reflected on the year past and resolved that this year we will live closer to our expectations and we have all given charity - today I write to you with a heartfelt request to increase in these.
In Prayer - have us all in mind, in your Prayers from now through the duration of the solemn day of Yom Kippur for a Sweet Year.
In Repentance/Return - spend a moment to think of one extra concrete resolution you can undertake toward bringing yourself close to G-d, in the hope that we merit of a better year for the entire world.
And in Charity - please consider contributing to the progression of Jewish life here in the Galleria, River Oaks & Memorial areas through Chabad of Uptown.
The Need;
While Chabad of Uptown is not listed on the NY exchange and the JLI classes were not exposed to the sub prime crisis, these are very trying times for us as well.
We have always made it a number one priority that any one and every one feels welcome regardless of their ability to pay or contribute.
In challenging times like these when our needs only increase and many of our donors are not in a position to continue their normal contributions, we turn to you to consider becoming a "Shareholder" in the stimulation of Jewish Life in the urban pride of Houston.
While much of the world is consolidating and scaling back on their activities - we are not given the luxury to do that;
The young children, the elderly grandparents, the middle aged families, from every age and background who come to learn, celebrate, pray, engage, socialize, explore, absorb and experience their Jewish heritage - are still very much a part of this wonderful community.
So please consider taking some segment of our share. Our fund raising need this year exceeds $180,000 and we have divided that into 100 shares of $1,800. Whether you can take a few full shares, or a 1/100th of a share at $18 - please consider a contribution before this Yom Kippur.
If you would like to make a contribution please click here.

Double Dividends;

For every dollar contributed - Hashem has promised to repay you twofold, "Aser bishvil Shtitasher", give charity to acquire wealth.
The Return on the Investment;
In addition to the Nachas you will reap from the hundreds of Jewish souls who will have an opportunity to celebrate their heritage thanks to you, please G-d we will have you in our prayers for health, success, Nachas from those close to you and the best of Hashem's blessings for everything your heart desires.
And please G-d this year will see the fulfillment of the words of the Talmud [Rosh Hashana 16B] in the name of Rav Yitzchak: "Every year that is poor at its beginning becomes wealthy in the end" a wealth of happiness, and fulfillment in every possible way.
With our best wishes for a Gmar Chasima Tova and well over the fast,

Gmar chasima Tova,

May you be you inscribed and sealed for a happy, sweet new year,

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

the kippur notes (& sukkot too)

Dear Friends,

We look forward to seeing you at the fastest, fast in town at Chabad of Uptown! Please read the important notes below about Yom Kippur, Sukkos & Simchas Torah.

With wishes for a Gmar Chasima Tova,

Rabbi Chaim, Chanie & Clan

Wed., Oct. 8
Yom Kippur starts at 6:41 pm
6:41 pm Candle Lighting - Usher in the holiday by adding some light to the world
7:00 pm Kol Nidrei - A short moving service that will get you in the Yom Kippur spirit
Sermon: Hakhel! How can we unite the Jewish people, so fragmented and denominational?

Thurs., Oct. 9
9:30 am Shacharis Morning Services goes till about 3:30pm. Stop by at some point for as long as you feel you can handle. The inspirational services and humor will help you get though the fast.
12:30 pm approx. Yizkor Memorial Service in memory of your parents following an inspiring
Sermon: Your Last Lecture; What wisdom would you give your loved ones if you knew it was your last chance?
5:00 pm Mincha Service - The Day is almost done but…
6:30 pm Neilah Service closing prayers - The gates of heaven are literally open for your prayers for the last hour of the day: don’t miss the opportunity.
7:35 pm Havdalla & Break the Fast Light Buffet -Congratulations you made it! Enjoy bagels, lox, cream cheese and spreads and wish each other a sweet new year.

Notes about the service:

All prayer books are in English and Hebrew! Services are geared towards the average Uptonian. They are designed to be comfortable for beginners and veterans alike. Many readings, and all instructions and explanations (ok, and the jokes), will be done in English.

Sukkos (Oct. 13-20):

If you want to order a special Yanover Esrog and Lulav please let me know (they run from $100-250, depending on its beauty) and we will hook you up with a set.

Everyone is welcome to join us at our home near (and for services at) Chabad Lubavitch Center on Fondren for Sukkos & Simchas Torah. (Due to technical difficulties, there will not be a sukkah nor services at Uptown this year. Please G-d next year, in Jerusalem! If not, we'll have a sukkah next year at our future own place and space in Uptown).

It is a tradition to hang out in the sukkah as you would in your own house. So everyone is welcome to come and chill whenever they want - at our home - 7743 Portal Drive.

In addition – there are traditional Sukkos dinners on Monday, Tuesday & Friday nights, Lunches on Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday - we would love to have you, just shoot us an email...

Sunday, Oct. 19: There will be a Sukkos Extravaganza - a Hakhel gathering from 2-6pm at the newly expanded campus at the Chabad Lubavitch Center with Rides, Delicious Barbecue, Music, Dancing & Joy!

Shemini Atzeres & Simchas Torah (Oct. 20-22):

Not to mention the dancing and parties on Shmini Atzeres and Simchas Torah at the biggest party in town at Chabad on Fondren. Everyone is invited to join some or all of them. Party like your ancestors!

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