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Uptown Shabbat -Jacobson Schedule, Space and more!

Dear Friends, 

Shabbat Parshat Mishpatim:
Friday, Feb.1: 6:30 pm "User-Friendly" Services Followed by Shabbat Dinner. Candle Lighting at  5:41pm
SaturdayFeb. 2: 8:30 am Shabbos Mevarchim Tehillim (It is a Chabad custom to recite the entire book of Psalms before morning prayers, and to conduct farbrengens in the course of Shabbat Mevarchim. Last time I figured why not invite others to join me - which some did! So join us!)
10:00 am Shacharit Services  Buffet Kiddush following!
                           5:45 pm Mincha, Informal Torah Study 
                           6:37 pm 
Maariv & Havdalla  and screening of Living Torah Video Magazine                              
The Scoops:
  • Torah Classes this Thursday (tomorrow). Lunch from Randall's - please send your order...
    The class:
    Mishpatim: The Four Custodians
    This lesson will trace the classical law of the four shomrim-the four types of custodians outlined in the Mishnah-to their original sources in the verses of this week's Torah portion. We will demonstrate that it is impossible to derive the respective degrees of liability in Jewish law without access to both the Oral and the Written Torah. After defining each type of custodian and clarifying their varying degrees of liability in the case of a loss, we will examine the spiritual meaning behind these laws. In the process we will discover two fundamental attitudes to life and G-d, which translate into four archetypal relationships between Man, the Creator, and His creation.
  • IMPORTANT: In light of the amazing Shabbaton to be held at Chabad Lubavitch Center on Feb. 15 & 16 with Rabbi Jacobson (see below) we will reschedule Uptown Shabbos to the following dates:
    Feb 1-2: This Shabbos UPTOWN
    Feb 8-9: Next Shabbos UPTOWN
    Feb. 15-16: Jacobson Shabbaton - CHABAD CENTER FONDREN
    Feb. 29-March 1: UPTOWN
  • Purim in Space:  Thursday, March 20, 2008 we will be having a Purim in Space! Come meet Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao see a real used space suit and spacecraft models along with space rides and the whole Megillah! More details soon! Special thanks to Anat Shafran for helping make this happen!
  • We finally posted the Chanukah Bowling Pictures. Enjoy! Special thanks to the Schultz's for pics!
  • Many thanks to Ben Shlyapobersky and Rabbi Mendel & Rachel Traxler for taking over last minute last Uptown Shabbos for the One Shabbat, One World Shabbaton!
  • Sports entertainment system: Many thanks to the Sand's family for the great addition to our playroom. Come check out the new basketball hoop, baseball, football, soccer and gold station!
  • Our first Bris: Mazel Tov to Nadav & Lila Pinskfeld upon the birth of their son, Aviv, and [the first] bris held at Chabad of Uptown!
  • Mazel Tov to Efrat & Ohad Nezer upon the birth of their son, Eitan!
  • Our condolences are extended to Marina Pearsall upon the passing of her dear mother, Sarah bas Yitzchok, a"h. Many thanks to all who helped make the minyan.
  • Refuah Shleima wishes are extended to Baruch Yitzchok (Bruce) ben Sarah (Sheba) Schimmel for a complete recovery from his recent illness.
Around the Chabad Town:
  • Rabbi Simon Jacobson is coming to town! On Feb. 15-17, The Chabad Lubavitch Center, sponsored in part by Shabbat Limmud of the Bureau of Jewish Education, will be hosting a Shabbaton with Rabbi Simon Jacobson. Rabbi Jacobson is the author of the best-selling book Toward a Meaningful Life, a William Morrow publication that has sold over 300,000 copies to date and has been translated into Hebrew, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Japanese. He heads The Meaningful Life Center, presenting the teachings of Torah to people of all backgrounds, in accessible and relevant language, enabling them to lead more meaningful lives. For over 14 years Rabbi Jacobson was responsible for publishing the talks of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe. He also headed the research team for Sefer Halikutim - an encyclopedic collection of Chassidic thought. Rabbi Jacobson is a sought-after scholar and lecturer on Jewish thought and its contemporary application, speaking to diverse audiences worldwide.
    The topics:

    · Kabbalat Shabbat – “How the Rebbe Can help You Live a Meaningful Life”
    · Shabbat lunch – “Dancing with G-d: The Ecstasy of Jewish Mysticism”
    · Yom Limmud – “Who Gave the Rabbis All Their Power?”
  • The Chabad Lubavitch Center Expansion has really taken shape! See the updated photo galleries on!
  • Chabad Lubavitch Center, the Texas Regional Headquarters under the directorship of Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff, has recently announced the acquisition of approximately two acres of land adjacent to the current one acre facility. Click here for more on this and a sattelite view!
On a Personal note...
  • When I got back from a NY visit for Yud Shevat and the Cotlar wedding, I was greeted with a sick Levi. The doctor sent us straight to the ER where he was diagnosed with RSV, hooked up to an IV for dehydration and suctioned to remove all the mucus. I meanwhile picked up a stomach bug of some sort in NY or in the hospital lobby and was vomiting all night in the hospital room.... :-/. We were not sure if we would make it home for Shabbos, hence the last minute Shabbos in Uptown substitutes mentioned above.Thanks to everyone for welcoming them. We ended up coming home 30 minutes before Shabbos, and spent and quiet Shabbos recovering. Meanwhile, Chaya Mushkah, Mendel and Rivky spent a quality Shabbos with their Bubby and Zaidy and Aunt Sarah (Chaim's sister) with her daughter, cousin Bat-Sheva visiting from Australia. What a weekend.
  • Chanie just returned from spending a wonderful extended weekend with thousands at the International Women's Conference of Chabad Lubavitch Emmisaries. She left me with the kiddos and together we had a great time, including cooking for 20 guests over Shabbos! I loved the challenge... What a trip!
We are looking to seeing all of you on Shabbat!
Rabbi Chaim & Chanie 

Condolences, Funeral & Shiva Info - Pearsalls

The Chabad of Uptown community extends our sincere condolences to  Marina Pearsall upon the  passing of  her  motherSarah bas Yitzchak, A"H.  

The funeral  will be held, tomorrow Jan. 21, at 4:15 pm at the Emanuel Memorial Park, 8341 Bissonnet.

Shiva will be observed at the Pearsall home, 5349 Val Verde St through Sunday morning, Jan. 27.

Maariv, tomorrow Jan. 21 to be held at the Shiva home at 7:30 pm. A minyan is needed! Please click here to reserve your spot(s) and let them know if you cam make it!

y we only share good news.

Hamokom Yenachem eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim. 

From Life to Life: Loss and Mourning in Jewish Tradition

Uptown Shabbos Va'eira

Shabbat Parshat  Va'eira:
Friday, Jan. 4 : 6:30 pm "User-Friendly" Services Followed by Shabbat Dinner. Candle Lighting at  5:17 pm
Saturday  Jan 5: 10:00 am Shacharit Services 
 Buffet Kiddush following!
                                5:30  pm Mincha, Informal Torah Study. Maariv & Havdalla at  6:14 pm.
Future dates: Jan. 18-19, Feb. 1-2, Feb. 15-16,  Feb. 29-Mar. 1
See you there!

Rabbi Chaim

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