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Chabad of Uptown and personal diary updates! Please comment on our posts, we would love to hear from you!

New series begins this Thursday!

The news of Uptown:

  • Our Tuesday Lunch & Learn (12-1:15) Parsha Class entitled “Numbers” is on the track! Join us!
  • Thursday at 8-9pm we begin a new series entitled: Basic Mitzvot: Its source, application and mystique. We will begin with a general overview of Mitzvot and start off the series with the Mitzvah of kosher.
  • Mommy & Me Summer session has started! June 26-July 31. Pass around the word!
  • Next Shabbaton will be on July 6-7.
  • Our next Young Adults Shabbaton will be on Friday, July 20! Save the date!

In other news....

  • We all - and especially the children – had an inspiring and great time in New York. A (slightly edited) video can be watched and personal photo gallery can be seen on our blog. Aside from the energy absorbed from experiencing a visit to the Rebbe’s Ohel, office and Shul, the best time was had at the magnificent Jewish Children’s Museum. If you visit NY you have to see this place! ( - we did not have our camera with us for the Jewish one, the pictures and video are of the regular Brooklyn Children’s Museum).
  • We learned some valuable lessons about eating is small NYC style cramped eateries with small children. We spent more time cleaning up the messes and in the restroom with the kids, than anything else!
  • We celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of Chanie’s brother, Mendel Galperin. See the video and pics!
  • Chabad of College Station at Texas A&M ( has opened with the arrival of my brother, Rabbi Yossi & Manya Lazaroff. They are awaiting their moving truck and are hanging out in Houston for now. If you know of any students please be sure to let me know!
  • The dishes mikvah for Chabad Lubavitch Center was built this week. Mikvah specialist Rabbi Gershon Grossbaum designed, and along with his son Mendel, came out to Houston to help us build it. Check out the construction photo gallery! Full mikvah construction gallery can be seen here.
  • I celebrate my 30th birthday next Thursday on the 19th of Tammuz, and Chanie decided to make a call for gifts. The greatest present you can give, she argues, is to take upon yourself a Mitzvah. Although I usually do not appreciate gifts, with this concept, I could not argue. She had me put up a Mitzvah gift form here.
  • As is customary among Chabad Chasidim, I will be making a birthday "farbrengen" (FOR MEN) in honor of my birthday on Thursday evening, 19 Tammuz, at my home at 7743 Portal Drive beginning at about 9 p.m. I fully understand if your schedule does not allow you to attend. For more about celebrating birthdays read: What is a Jewish Birthday? and related articles there on the right.

That is all for now!

Rabbi Chaim

NYC Trip Video & Slideshow

CHUKAS: Realizing the Rebbe's dream

From 1843 to 2007... 

In the year 1843 the Czarist government put tremendous pressure on the Rabbinical Conference to radically alter the style and mode of Jewish Education in their communities. They envisioned a modernized and secular curriculum that would augment their hope of the next generation that would assimilate within society discarding the values of Torah Judaism. 

 The Tzemach Tzedek, the third Lubavitcher Rebbe at that time, courageously stood up to them and despite the real risk and danger to his life, he succeeded in circumventing their plan. 

One of the Rabbinical Leaders at the conference challenged him with unmasked surprise "how could you put your life in danger, leaving your Chassidim without a Rebbe?" 

Without flinching the Tzemach Tzedek replied
unequivically "the Chassidim with their love for one another will continue until the coming of Moshiach!" 

In 2007, last week, the words of the Tzemach Tzedek have been echoing in my ears... together, a band of brothers, we studied and we prayed, we laughed and we cried, we spoke (and maybe even got a friendly chide) and through it all the air was rich with love and affection... 

Gimmel Tammuz marked thirteen years after his passing, and we continue to search for a deeper appreciation of the Rebbe's Torah wisdom and vision for the Jewish people.  

Close to 50,000 men, women, and children, visited the Ohel that day. 

Had I attempted to undertake that on my own, I doubt I would have seen any success. 

Together with my beloved friends, colleagues and older mentors, I thank Hashem for the opportunity to have spent this period as we aim to realize the Rebbe's dream of a world perfected and redeemed.  

Rabbi Chaim Editor

P.S. For a collection of articles on Gimmel Tammuz in the world media click here.

We are back from NYC!!!

We are back from NY!!!

Shabbos Parshas Chukas - See you there!

Services at 7:30 pm
Candle Lighting at 8:07
Please join us for dinner (let us know!)

Morning Services at 10 am followed by Kiddush
Mincha Services & class in Ethics of our Fathers (Chapter at 8:15 pm
Havdala & Shabbat Ends at 9:06 pm

Mazel Tov to:
Anat & Moshe Chen on the birth of a baby boy, Matan Yosef!
Valerie & Benny Katz on the birth of a baby girl, Liel!
Rita & Arkadi Lipkin on the birth of a baby girl!

Post your mazel tovs below!

Complete blog and report coming when I could catch my breath….

Rabbi Chaim

Gimmel Tammuz

This coming Monday evening, June 18th, marks thirteen years since the passing of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory.

On you will find lots of information to help our visitors learn more about the Rebbe's devotion to G-d, discover how deeply he cared for each human being, and to glean insight into his teachings.

The Rebbe would frequently insist that even the loftiest of thoughts must be translated into actual deed.
Please join us on this special day in learning something additional, reciting an additional prayer, and giving some extra charity. Let us also try and apply some of the Rebbe's care and selfless dedication to our own interaction with family, friends and total strangers. There can be no more fitting tribute to the Rebbe than millions of good deeds, mitzvot, performed on his day.

May G-d help us that in the merit of our collective acts of goodness we quickly greet our righteous Moshiach, at which time we will be reunited with our beloved Rebbe and all our loved ones.


Rabbi Chaim Editor

NYC here we come!

Dear Friends,

Tuesday, June 19, marks the 13th Yartzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The day of passing of a Tzaddik is an auspicious day to reflect and to ask the Tzaddik to intercede on High on our behalf. It is a special day for prayers to be answered. I will therefore be in New York, together my family and tens of thousands of other people from around the world, to pray at the Rebbe's Ohel, resting place, on this propitious time. As in the past, if you send me your name and mother's name (preferably the Hebrew or Yiddish names), and those of anyone else you would like me to mention, I would be glad to have them in mind as well, while I pray at the Rebbe's Ohel.. If there's a specific need you would like me to pray for, please mention it as well. May all our prayers be fulfilled. The Rebbe enjoyed nothing more than one Jew doing one Mitzvah. Please commemorate his Yartzeit by doing a mitzvah, or good deed, in his memory. 

Now, some Uptown babblings:

  • This Shabbos, Parshas Shlach: Friday Services 7:30 pm, please join us for dinner; just let us know if you can make it. Saturday 10 am followed by Kiddush and the best cholent (and kishke!) this side of the Mississippi.(Candle Lighting 8:03 pm; Shabbos ends: 9:02 pm)
  • Our Tuesday Lunch & Learn (12-1:15) Parsha Class entitled “Journeys is going strong”. Join us!
    (The Thursday night class (has been re-rescheduled and) will resume Thursday, June 28 on: “Basic Mitzvot: Its source, application and mystique”)
  • Mommy & Me Summer session starts next month - June 26-July 31. Pass around the word!

In other news....

  • In the last weeks, we celebrated Bubbie Lazaroff’s Birthday, visited a park on Shavuos weekend and went bowling on Memorial Day. Oh yeah, and Mendel has learned how to crave and eat sushi! Photo album here….. J
  • This week marks forty years since the miraculous Six Day War. We have prepared a timeline for you to review on our website. A must see!
  • Chabad Lubavitch Center’s construction is on - nonstop! They have begun the hardest process: The Forming of the “Vessel for G-dliness” See pictures here! See a NEW video I edited of the most recent construction here.
  • Chanie has been working hard on an unbelievable enrichment program for the Torah Day School Early Childhood Center (coinciding with the opening of a (new for 07/08) 18mos class. The kids will “travel” to distant places using their multiple intelligences…. You can read about “Fun with Foreign Folkways” here!
  • In NY we will also be celebrating Chanie’s brother’s Bar Mitzvah which coincides with the same day as the Rebbe’s Yartzeit. He is fittingly named Menachem Mendel….
  • We all wish a Mazel Tov to Chen & Tali Bublil upon the birth of a baby girl!

See you Shabbos! 

Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

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