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The Torah was Given by G-d to the people of Uptown

Dear Friends,

Just a simple note that, in case you were not sure, we WILL be in Uptown this Shabbos... We hope to see you there. Tonight at 7:30 pm (candle lighting is at 7:55pm). Tommorow at 10 am. Shabbos ends at 8:58pm.

Now, some Uptown babblings:

  • On Tuesday night the learning went all night long and started with an enthusiastic group studying Maimonides book of the 613 Mitzvos with discussion and commentary as we traversed this great work of Torah law.
  • As the crowd of over 40 men women and children packed into "The Uptown Shul" on Wednesday for the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, my mind couldn't help wandering back to our Shavuot services last year and to see the amazing growth.
    Seeing such incredible commitment of people taking off a day's work to be there at Mount Sinai, the thought that "the Torah was given by G-d to the Jewish people in Uptown" was a truly inspiring one for me…
    Following - a full Ice Cream Bar (with ten toppings of course for each of the commandments) the entire Shul was treated to a Dairy Kiddush with loads of cheesecakes, blintzes, lasagnas, salads and more…  Many thanks to Chanie.....
  • Mommy & Me Summer session starts next month - June 26-July 31. Pass around the word!

In other news....

  • Chabad Hebrew School has the end of year program last Sunday for current and prospective parents and children. A great video was prepared, and can be watched at
  • We all wish a Mazel Tov to Consul General of Israel Asher & Tamar Yarden upon the birth of a baby girl Rotem!

See you Shabbos!

Rabbi Chaim

SHAVUOT: Embedded in our souls DNA

Where were you on 9/11?

(For those who were around) – Where were you standing when you heard JFK was shot?

What were you doing when the news broke out that the IDF had rescued the hostages at Entebbe Airport, or as we celebrated this week, when they liberated Jerusalem in 1973?

All of these events, whether tragic or miraculous, each played a role in defining the history of the world thereafter.

And it's just human nature to associate world events with our own personal connection.

But obviously, for those who were there, whether witnessing downtown Manhattan on 9/11 (as myself) or on the Air France flight that was hijacked to Entebbe, their memory of the moment is incomparable to any of ours.

In the broader history of the Jewish people as well, the defining moments are also seen in a similar sense; As the Medrash Tanchuma writes that at the Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai every single soul of the Jewish people that would ever be created in the future was there.

In fact, the Talmud writes that had one soul been missing the Torah would not have been able to be given.

So, where were you in the summer of 1312 B.C.E. when the Torah was given on Mount Sinai?

You were right there!

Well, before your cynical side writes it off as a "figurative" thought, it's just like the genetic and hereditary elements of our psyche that are undisputed scientific realities that predate our birth by thousands of years.

So take it a step further. Embedded in our Souls DNA is its pre-birth participation in perhaps the most defining moment of the world's documented history;

No event in the history of the world has been published, debated, or studied as many times as the Torah.

Nothing has impacted the world as largely and broadly as the Bible and no people has survived and sustained under the harshest of conditions as much as the Guardian Nation of the Torah.

So the good news is that you were around when it all started.

But it doesn't end there.

Just like your inherent and genetic ability to be a great doctor didn't come to life till you went to Medical School, your participation at Sinai can remain hidden unless you are conscious of it.

So this coming Wednesday we'll all be going back to Mount Sinai to relive and recreate the most defining moment in the history of the world

Make sure you (and your whole family) are all there.

We need you.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Chaim Editor

Cool tefillin stuff....

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Rebbe's Tefillin campaign, has a "40 Years" homepage which highlights many of the new features created for this occasion.

In honor of forty years, the Tefillin site now features:

The Tefillin site also includes:

Let me know what you think (ummm.... by clicking "post a comment" right here...)

Maybe I will send out a promo email about it next week.....

I'm on Facbook! Yaaaayyyyy!!!

Uptown Stuff… 

Ø       This Friday night -  May 11 in Uptown at 7:30 pm. and Shabbos morning at 10am. Candle lighting this week at: 7:38 pm  Special dinner for Young Adults, Singles, & Couples. Visit for more info and to RSVP.  

In other news... 

Ø       Over 500 people joined Chabad for the Lag B'omer Parade & Carnival. What a beautiful day! 

Ø         got myself going on Facebook under Rabbi Chaim. It is a lot of fun. Now I've got three profiles (in addition to the blog): Myspace, YouTube & Facebook!

Ø       Our family will be heading to NY for Chanie's brother's bar-mitzvah and the Yartzeit of the Rebbe. I've got to get myself some tickets.

Looking forward to seeing y’all real soon! 

Rabbi Chaim

Chabad @ Texas A&M announced!

On Shabbos, Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff (that's my Dad)announced the opening of Chabad at Texas A&M University in time for the falll semester. Guess what? We get to have another brother live nearby! Rabbi Yossi & Manya Lazaroff (currently of Basking Ridge, NJ) will be relocating to be the directors of the Chabad of the Brazos Valley!

I made them a page until they get their own website at They are even on Facebook already! Jewish Aggies at Texas A&M

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