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Shabbat in Memory of Prof. Liviu Librescu

Uptown Stuff… 

Ø       This Friday night - April 27 in Uptown at 7:30 pm. and Shabbos morning at 10am. Candle lighting this week at: 7:38 pm

As you can see from the quote below, Mrs. Librescu, although not Shomer Shabbat, finds great meaning in the kindling of Shabbat candles. Rabbi Mayer of Chabad in Virginia has indicated that he is still in touch with Mrs. Librescu and that she wants to dedicate herself to heightening awareness of Shabbat candle lighting, in memory of her heroic husband and for the merit of his soul. She is returning to the USA in three weeks, and hopes to visit college campuses and communities to this end. We wish to dedicate our regularly scheduled Shabbaton to this heightened awareness, in  merit of Levi ben Isidor (Liviu Librescu) of blessed memory.

Please join us for a special candle-lighting this Shabbos! (Get more inspiration here)

Aaron Kessler of the Daily Progress - “That night, back in Charlottesville, a group of University of Virginia students met at Mayer’s home to light the traditional Sabbath candles in Librescu’s memory.

Before Marlena Librescu left Virginia, Mayer said, she spoke to him in Romanian, asking one favor: Have the girls in Charlottesville light the Sabbath candles in her husband’s memory. Lighting candles has always been close to my heart, she said.

“I told her of course we would,” Mayer said. “Of course.”

As the day came to a close Friday, the phone rang. Marlena, who had buried her husband, was calling from Israel. Will the girls come to light the candles?

“Yes, they are coming,” Mayer told her. “They are all here for you.” – see complete article here.

Ø       We wish a refuah shleima to Sarkalem ben Sheli Zebadiah. Please say tehillim for his complete Refuah Shleima. Click here for Chapter 20. 

Ø       Lag B’Omer – join the parade! Come help represent Chabad of Uptown in the unity parade on Sunday, May 6 from JCC to the Merfish Teen Center! Click here for more info. 

Ø       Shavuot – All night Torah Study and Torah Reading with Ice Cream Party for young and old! Click here for more info! Our website has got you covered with the Shavuot Guide, Story, Insights, Kids section, Recipes and of course Multimedia! Check it out! 

Ø       Mommy & Me summer dates have been set. Click here for more, pictures and an awesome video! 

In other news... 

Ø       Chabad House at Rive University and Torah Day School of Houston Responds to Tragedy With Mitzvah Drive: "Hearts to Hokies" campaign. Read more about it here. You can/should join too by dedicating a Mitzvah now!

Ø       Yom Hazikaron - In memory of Israeli fallen soldiers – you may watch this video for inspiration. 

Looking forward to seeing y’all real soon! 

Rabbi Chaim

Google Map of Chabad in Texas

I am trying out a new feature on Google: Chabad Lubavitch in Texas. It is a work in progress, but has tons of potential. The problem is, I can not seem to figure out how to sort the list on the left. Anyone have any insight?

Also, have you have wondered how to get from Paris, France to Chabad of Uptown. Check this out (see item 20)!

Pesach Review: The "Clan" Acrobat Show

Chanie truly outdid herself with all the cooking and guests who joined us this Yom Tov… We (you and I) are all truly blesses to have her around…

Chanie’s fam has gone back to NY, and we now have a bigger house! For intermediate days entertainments we went to NASA and played at Memorial City mall indoor plaything, got tickets on ski-ball in the arcade and rode their TWO STORY carousel yippeeee!

A couple of pics from Pesach, NASA and more….

Most fun: Video of Chaim, Chaya Mushkah & Mendel making an acrobat show….:

Pics and Vids

Three family albums for you to enjoy: 

Hermann Park

Levi Baby Pics

Children's Museum

Some Videos for you….

Chanie’s Mommy & Me – Nicely edited

Construction Project – Nicely Edited

American Idol Purim – Someone else edited J

TAZRIA-METZORA: Hokies and all of us: Guard those tongues!

This week's Torah portion has a very interesting discussion on certain types of afflictions, called Tza'arat, that were considered spiritual afflictions. A person suffering from Tza'arat needed to take stock and realize what character or behavior flaw was causing it. During the time that he had Tza'arat, he would be required to leave the city in which he dwelled, and camp outside the city walls until he was cured. 

Our sages teach that Tza'arat was often visited on a person as a spiritual response to the sins of gossip and slander. They explain: With his gossip and slander, he separated a husband from his wife, a man from his neighbor; therefore said the Torah: "He shall dwell alone." 

I find it meaningful that this Torah portion is read on the same week that a college campus was stricken with one of the most horrifying tragedies in US University history. 

Of course, we all feel tremendous pain for the victims, and wonder what would drive a person to commit such acts. And, in this actual case, there is no real way for anyone to fathom what caused this tragedy in any meaningful way.

But, our tradition teaches us to try to take a lesson from everything we observe; how much more is this true with respect to this tragedy. 

Perhaps a lesson that we can draw is the importance of ensuring that we never use our words to create loneliness; "to separate man from his neighbor." 

Our tongues are remarkably powerful tools. We can use them to create an inclusive, loving community, in which each individual has a place. But, we can also use them as sharp, cutting weapons, isolating people into devastating loneliness. Let us be wise and use our power of speech for good.

Rabbi Chaim Editor

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