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Class this Thurs & Shabbaton

Dear Friends,

  • We once more will have Shabbos in Uptown this week, Aug. 25-26, please RSVP for Shabbos. Let us know if you will be there for the minyan, regardless if you will make it for the dinner (although we would love to have you!) 
  • Save the dates for the following Shabbos, Sept. 8-9 and the High Holidays at The Pavilion on Post Oak (Rosh Hashana, Fri-Sun. Sept. 22-24 & Yom Kippur, Sun.-Mon., Oct. 1-2): It is not too early to RSVP for the High Holiday seats and dinners (first class catering by Benny Katz).
  • This Thursday: Please join us for the upcoming Torah Study series:
    The Cosmic Arc: A Kabbalistic Approach to the High Holidays
    Four Fascinating Lectures
    Four Thursdays 8:30-9:30 pm; August 24 & 31, and Sept. 7 & 21 - RSVP
    Elul: Judaism Allows U-Turns
    Rosh Hashanah: Does G-d really need us?
    Yom Kippur: How Does the "Day of Atonement" Work?
    Sukkot & Simchat Torah: Bringing the High Holidays Down to Earth
In other news:
  • Our young adults Shabbaton this past week at Chabad on Fondren was great! Great company, fun food (by Benny Katz), and spirits (pardon the pun) filled the room until late into the night...
  • I had the opportunity to proofread the content of 325,000 Jewish New Year calendars, to be distributed by the grocery store giant Safeway in 1775 of their Safeway and their wholly own subsidiaries namely Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Genuardi's and Carrs grocery stores located throughout the USA. The 1,775 Safeway stores include 312 Vons stores in Southern California and Nevada, 112 Randalls and Tom Thumb stores in Texas, 37 Genuardi's store in the Philadelphia area, as well as 17 Carrs stores in Alaska. A write up about Chabad in Texas and the Rebbe's leadership will appear on the inside back cover. Calendar months with Yomim Tovim will be directed to the Chabad of Texas website for more recipes, how-to guides, multimedia and fun for the kids throughout the year. The Shabbos and Yom Tov brochos and times for 15 cities were corrected as well as proper Halachic description of the Shabbos candle lighting procedure. Chanukah brochos were also added to the month of Kislev. Other Chabad involvement includes the artwork of Deborah Rolnick Raichman. Check Randalls in a couple of weeks for their calendar!
  • Torah Day School opens this Wednesday & Chabad Hebrew School opens this Sunday! A big week on the educational front!
Have a great week!
Rabbi Chaim

Uptown Shabbaton and more diary notes....

Hey Y'all,


Here we are again, three weeks later for the Uptown Shabbaton this week, August 11. From now on we will have Shabbatons every other week. RSVP now for this week's shabbaton. Your RSVP is important so we got our minyan count and person count for dinner by night and kiddush by day. Spread the word and let your friends know about our user-friendly services with transliterations and all. We look forward to seeing you there!


Some diary notes:

  • Our Torah Studies Bamidbar series concluded (mazel tov to the graduates!) and will continue with the Book of Bereishit (Genesis) after the holidays. Meanwhile the Thursday night class with have a special four part series on the High Holidays and the festive month of Tishrei on Thursday evenings. The dates for the classes will be Thursdays, August 24 & 31, and Sept. 7 & 21 (skipping September 14, the week Chanie's sister will be getting married...). Save the dates!
  • We are now taking RSVPs for High Holidays at the Four Leaf Towers in Uptown. Click here for the complete schedule and to RSVP for services and top class catered dinners.
  • Young Adults Shabbaton on Fondren next Friday evening, August 18, 7:45 pm. More information and RSVP at
  • Camp Gan Israel Day Camp closed with a record breaking enrollment and fun! Now my office will be less noisy..... more peace and quiet until TDS starts with school type noise/activity, but, a lot more bearable....
  • Chabad Hebrew School registration has been quite active. We are looking forward to a great 2006-07 school year! (Of course TDS registration is also amazing, but, I take more of an observer role in that one).
  • Last Monday afternoon well over 350 fellow Houstonians packed the JCC Kaplan Theatre for a "Houston for Israel" Rally. More than the speeches, guests and intense (hi-tech) program, the electrifying feeling of seeing children lead us all standing with so many for one common goal, the Safety of Eretz Yisrael, was truly an uplifting and inspiring moment. Rabbi Chaim Kaplan's encouraging words of live video conference was one to be remembered.
    While the war rages on, the millions of refugees (Yes, Israel has millions of refuges as well) seek shelter from the attacks and the soldiers press on in their mission we must remain resolute and focused at their side…  
    Read Jewsh Herlad Voice front page article here. Pictures here.
  • Here are some other things you can do for Israel:
    • Be Informed: See our "Crisis for Israel" webpage for various Mitzvah suggestions by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, o.b.m. in past Middle East conflicts. Study Torah, say a prayer, check or place Mezuzos and Teffilin and more!
    • Register: Register your Mitzvah so we can create a better world together! Every Mitzvah counts–especially now, as world Jewry unites in support of Israel.  Each Mitzvah is a unique blessing for the Jewish people and all of humanity. 
    • College students unite with Jewish students from around the world, every student can dedicate a letter in the Torah for only $1.
    • Get Financial Assistance: To assist those who wish to put on tefillin, affix mezuzahs in their homes and/or light Shabbos candles, but cannot afford the cost of these articles, a concerned Jew – who believes in the unity of the Jewish people and the power of a mitzvah – has created a national tefillin and mezuzah bank, to provide the financial assistance to obtain the aforementioned items. Contact us for more information.
    • Donate: for a variety of causes. See our donate page.
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That is all for now, until next time my fingers get itchy!


Rabbi Chaim
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