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Uptown Shabbaton this week & some diary notes....

Hey Y'all,
So a month has already passed since our last Shabbaton with many events in between. RSVP now for this week's Shabbaton and learning experience. We will have our popular "user friendly" Friday night service followed by dinner at 8:15 pm and Shacharit at 10 am followed  by a Shabbat Kiddush lunch. Please RSVP so we can know who is coming and for our "Minyan count".
And now for some notes to catch up on times (also at
  • On the weekend of the Rebbe's yartzeit (June 29-July 2) I had the unique opportunity of being with over 1,000 of my colleagues from around the world who spent the Shabbat at the Chabad Hospitality Center near the Rebbe's Ohel.

    Those 24 hours (sleep was left for another time) were filled with intense study, prayer and rich inspiration as together we focused on the Rebbe's legacy of Love for G-d, the Torah and the Jewish People.

    Torah teachings, stories, melodies, anecdotes and personal experiences reinvigorated our commitment to share the wisdom of Torah and warmth of Judaism with all of our beloved communities around the world accelerating the era of Moshiach with peace for us all.
  • The Torah Studies series (which concludes this week Thursday - it is not too late to come!) was also a great "Journey" through the book of Bamidbar (pics here). (Those of you who attended please submit your feedback!). This week's Torah portion discusses the war with Midian, a nation involves itself in a conflict with Moab with absolutely no apparent reason. A very timely class, we will apply it once more to our times and lives.
  • Our Mommy and Me (pics here) has been going well, with word spreading of this wonderful opportunity for mother's and babies. We already have interested new mother's for the fall session!
  • We had a fantastic time at the 2006 World Cup Finals BBQ last Sunday (pics here) fulfilling our foresight to Italy's win over France.
  • We took the kids to Dallas for a day out on the lake and to visit the Dallas Children's museum we had a great time, (and I finally bought a digital camera)!
  • Happy birthday to Rabbi Chaim. Many more years to come
  • After this week's Shabbaton, due to popular demand, beginning on August 11 we will start having Shabbat every other week leading up to the High Holidays.
  • After our great response to our High Holiday services at the Houstonian Hotel last year and the services held at Chabad of Uptown, we will be holding Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services at the Four Leaf Towers across the street from Chabad of Uptown. This way we can accommodate the group in a beautiful and wonderful atmosphere. Stay tuned for more info on this. Many thanks to our good friends at the Four Leaf, namely Bruce Coane and Percy & Myra Burlin for their hosting us at the beautiful towers.
  • Our sincere condolences are extended to the entire Singer family and Albert & Rozita Gaon and especially to our dedicated volunteers for the Shabbaton Children's service, Rina & Daniella Singer, upon the passing of their dear son, brother and father Aryeh (Arturo) ben Avraham Levi Singer, A"H. Shiva will be held through Friday. Shacharit at 7 am through Friday, Minchah at 8:15pm through Thursday and Mincha at 5 pm on Friday.
  • We are now in the Three week period and there is an entire section online with insights, reading and customs for your consumption. Happy reading!
  • Our hearts and prayers are with the Holy Land in this time of conflict. Please take the time say tehillim and see what else you can do for security and to help the region.
With love,
Rabbi Chaim & Chanie
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