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VAYIGASH: The year 2006 draws to a close

As the year 2006 draws to a close, we see alot of "Year in Review" articles in print, video, pictures, etc. we're all busy looking back at the year bygone. Then we have the foretellers and prophets, predicting how the next year will look, The stock market, the Middle East, the Government, etc.
While it's always healthy to learn from experience, to use the past as a stepping stone to the future, we must realize that 2007 is in our hands.
Our holy sages teach that each and every one of us has the power to change the world. Regardless of what the fortune tellers have to say about the year to come, we must know that each and every mitzva, or good deed, that we do, brings goodness and kindness in the world, and that is how we are going to shape 2007.
Let's get to work!
Rabbi Chaim Editor

MIKETZ: Chanukah is perhaps the most well known Jewish Holiday

Chanukah is perhaps the most well known Jewish Holiday, known for its latkes and gifts. Yet, spiritually, these eight days are a rare opportunity to bring warmth and light into our lives.
The Rebbe, of righteous memory, teaches us that although the actual story of Chanukah happened 2000 years ago, the saga of light fighting darkness, the spiritual battle, is very much alive within each of us.
So this year, let us pray that by igniting our soul, by inspiring our minds, the world around us will follow. One flame at a time.
Wishing you, that the joy and warmth of Chanukah should carry you through the entire year,
Rabbi Chaim Editor

Uptown Menorah & Shabbos

Hey Uptown friends!
Quick check in for this week. (Full blog, when things calm down.....)
  • Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Chabad of Uptown Menorah Lighting Ceremony on Wednesday evening at 7 pm! Music, Latkes, Donuts and lots of fun for everyone!
  • Origins Torah Studies classes are ongoing (including this week) at 12-1:15 pm Wednesdays and 8-9pm Thursdays!
  • This Shabbos, Rabbi Dovid & Elisa Goldstein will lead the Uptown Shabbat Experience! Friday 6:30 pm: Uplifting services followed by dinner Saturday 10am: Shacharit followed by buffet kiddush lunch. Please join for the Shabbat dinner on Friday night and Shabbat buffet lunch on Shabbat day! RSVP here!
Rabbi Chaim & Chanie
(and our honored fill ins Rabbi Dovid & Elisa Goldstein) :)

Uptown Fri. 6:30 pm, Sat. 10am!

Dear Friends,
Chanukah is almost here, and we are gearing up for a very eventful one, in addition to Chanie's expecting anytime soon... The six foot menorah for Chabad of Uptown is reroute and should be getting here on Thursday, and then I got to get back to my building skills to figure out how to erect it to withstand 100 mph winds... :) Join us on Wednesday, Dec. 20 for the public Uptown menorah lighting.
See you Shabbos!
Rabbi Chaim
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