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Chabad of Uptown and personal diary updates! Please comment on our posts, we would love to hear from you!

Glorious Shabbat?

will you see shabbos for cultural benefit for the Jewish people to make Shabbat glorious? maybe friends some?
Friday  6:30 daven 7 eat and drink
Sat. 10 daven, 11 read torah, 1 eat and drink.
Rabbi Chaim
P.S. I forgot to point out in yesterday's email that all winter weeks in Uptown (until March 9) we will have Friday night candle lighting at appropriate time followed by Torah Study until Friday night service at 6:30 pm followed by dinner at 7 pm.
P.P.S. No, did not movie see :).

Uptown Shabbos this week!


Dear Friends,


I feel truly blessed to be able to have spent a weekend with thousands of my colleagues, the Chabad Lubavitch Shluchim – "Ambassadors" of Jewish life around the world for our annual Conference. I was delighted to join my old mates, Rabbis, Mentors and many others for this very special weekend. (See Google NewsAs on all my trips to New York I visited the Rebbe's Ohel (resting place) to ask that from on high he continue to pray with us to G-d for our health, success and wellbeing.


Ongoing and Upcoming in Uptown...

  • Origins will run through the first week of Jan. @ two times: Wed. Lunch - 12:00-1:15pm and Thurs. 8:00-9:00 pm.
  • THIS SHABBOS: Shabbaton at Chabad of Uptown. RSVP here. Future: Dec. 8-9, Dec. 22-23 (8th night Chanukah), Jan. 5-6, Jan. 19-20
  • Mommy & Me led by Chanie has ONE class left in Fall Session! New pictures here.
  • Chabad of Uptown Chanukah Menorah Lighting Celebration on our own six foot menorah to face San Felipe will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 20 @ 7 pm! If you would like to sponsor the menorah for $500 please let me know!
In other news...
  • The conference was amazing, uplifiting, etc. More when we meet in person!
  • Our Shabbaton for Young Adults at Fondren was great! Over 40 people came together for some great food and spirit (pardon the pun:))!
  • As an outcome we will have a debate entitled "The Atheist (I mean - Kibbutznik) and the Rabbi".  Very Limited space. If you want to join let me know!
  • Sun., Dec. 17, 7pm - Chanukah on Ice @ The Galleria (and Car Menorah Parade)  - This is something you will not want to miss. If you get your own car menorah - you can join the parade too! :)

See you Shabbos, and enjoy the turkey!


Rabbi Chaim

How about dinner this Friday?

How about dinner this Friday night? Candle lit, a cup of wine, me and you… and about 30 other Jewish folks, all enjoying a four course gourmet dinner and celebrating Shabbat with Chanie & I at Chabad of Uptown! See below for more! ~ Chaim
Dear Friends,

The Sukkah is down, the Shofar is packed away, and family has gone back home - the New Year has begun…


However, the precious moments during last month are like little souvenirs that we can pack away for later use during the long months ahead.


I for one, have a "suitcase" full of special moments; the children leading the Shema Yisrael at the end of Yom Kippur, or some of you blowing the Shofar for people in the street were flashes of real inspiration that I will slowly unpack throughout the coming year…


Ongoing and Upcoming in Uptown...

In other news...
  • We had a wonderful time at the last Shabbaton with the AIPAC conference delegates who packed the house and used up all of our siddurim and Chumashim! You never know which guests will be next!
  • Rabbi Chaim's brother Leibel and his wife Chanie of Los Angeles, CA (no not our Chanie!) had a baby girl! They named her Miriam on Monday, of course everybody is excited.
  • Even more excitement - Chanie's sister Esti and husband Shneor Greenberg of Commerce, MI had a baby girl yesterday!
  • Lunch & Learn menus have been fantastic! Week 1: Choice of Schnitzel or Hamburger sandwich; Week 2: Pizza; Week 3: Choice of Veggie Lasagna or Sushi! (Now I have to go on a real diet!)
  • The Mommy and Me has been great, but I have deleted the pictures that my daughter Rivkie took....
  • Chabad around the world is gearing up for the International Conference. I will have the opportunity to attend the weekend of Nov. 16-19.
Other upcoming Chabad events:
  • Tues., Nov. 7 - Bat Mitzvah Club. Contact Faige Marinovsky about this fantastic program of ten sessions. The cost of the program for the year is $72. It is for girls ages 11-12, grades 6-7. For more information or to register, contact Faige directly at 832-752-1922 or
  • Nov. 10, Friday Night Young Adults Shabbaton at Chabad Lubavitch Center on Fondren!
  • Sun., Dec. 10 - Friendship Circle Pre-Chanukah Carnival
  • Sun. Dec. 10, 7pm - Aishel House Benefit Concert with Jewish Superstar Avraham Fried
  • Sat., Dec. 16, 8pm - Houston City Hall Menorah Lighting
  • Sun., Dec. 17, 7pm - Chanukah on Ice @ The Galleria (and Car Menorah Parade)
  • Mon., Dec 18 - Sugar Land City Hall Menorah Lighting
  • Tues., Dec 19 - West Houston Chanukah Celebration
  • Wed., Dec. 20, 7 pm - Chabad of Uptown Menorah Lighting
  • Chabad House - TMC Menorah Lighting
We hope to see you Shabbos & have a great week!
Rabbi Chaim & Chanie
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