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Uptown Shabbaton, classes this week & more....

Dear Friends,
Whew, what a month!
  • THIS WEEK: Origins: A twelve week course in the Book of Genesis will start THIS WEEK. We will offer two times: Wednesday (tomorrow) Lunch & Learn - 12:00-1:15pm and Thursday evenings 8:00-9:00 pm.
  • This weekend, Shabbos Bereishis, Oct. 20 will be our next Shabbaton at Chabad of Uptown. RSVP here. We will meet almost every other week after that (one exception). We will be welcoming a delegation from the AIPAC National Summit being held in Houston at the Intercontinental Hotel this weekend who will join us for services and kiddush!
    Please note these exact dates for future Shabbatons:
    Nov. 3-4
    Nov. 24-25
    Dec. 8-9
    Dec. 22-23 (8th night Chanukah)
    Jan. 5-6
    Jan. 19-20
  • Mommy & Me led by Chanie will begin this Monday! They will meet with Chanie Six Mondays, Oct. 23 - Nov. 27 10-11:30 am  $36 Fall Session, $7 per class. Picture of the summer season are online here. Click Here to Register Now!
In other news...
  • Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services at the Pavilion were absolutely inspiring. Many thanks to Chanie, Andrea Schultz, Rona Lipsky and Ariella Shalev for helping run a beautiful and successful Children's Service throughout Yom Kippur!
  • The San Felipe Sukkah stood proudly in Uptown enjoyed by many locals and out-of-town visitors who stopped by throughout. What a pride!
  • Jewish pride rose as shoppers stopped me (yes, they stopped me!) to grab my lulav and give it a shake while I visited dear friends from store to store in the hallways of the beautful Galleria mall.
  • We enjoyed having many wonderful guests in Uptown over Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and at our home over Sukkos. The Chabad custom is to refrain from material Sukkah decorations and stress the beauty by decorating our sukkah with wonderful guests. We were honored to have many, many beautiful guests among them the Israeli Vice Consul Belaynish Zevadia over Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur at services in Uptown and the Israeli Consul General Hon. Asher & Tamar Yarden over sukkos.
  • Simchas Torah celebrations at Chabad on Fondren were over the top with festivities ending way past midnight! Chaya Mushkah, Mendel & Rivkie who were up the entire time enjoyed them the most - hands down!
May we be blessed from Tishrei for a wonderful coming year,
Rabbi Chaim & Chanie

Stop by the only Sukkah on San Felipe...

NOTICE: Although there will not be services at Chabad of Uptown for Sukkos or Simchas Torah a Sukkah has been erected for public use. Please stop in and make the special Sukkah bracha!

> RSVP for Next (Oct. 20-21) Uptown Shabbaton now! <

Complete BLOG to come sometime these coming days! :)
Rabbi Chaim
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