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Wake Up! - Modeh Ani | Composed, Lyrics & Performed by Mendel Lazaroff | In loving memory of Mendel Cotlar, o.b.m.

Song and music video turn loss into positive message

By AARON HOWARD | JHV• Thu, Oct 29, 2015


During the celebration of his Bar Mitzvah in September 2014, Mendel Cotlar, of blessed memory, gave a shiur (lesson) on the Modeh Ani prayer. He asked the assembled guests and friends to recite the prayer with him and to make it a habit to recite the Modeh Ani first thing every morning. Read complete story >

CHABAD.ORG/NEWS: One Classmate in Texas Memorializes the Life of Another Through Song

Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014 is a day that will always be remembered with sadness for the student body of the close-knit Torah Day School in Houston. On that day, they were told that seventh-grader Mendel Cotlar had suddenly lost his life from unexpected complications from GSD-1A, a metabolic disease. Only three weeks beforehand, they had sang and danced with him at his bar mitzvah celebration. Read complete article here >

Wake Up! by Mendel Lazaroff #wakeup4gsd Official Music Video

This Shabbos, 13 Tishrei, marks the first yartzeit of Mendel Cotlar. I made a music video to promote the song I composed, raising money for GSD research. Please buy the song, share the video and do a mitzvah! 

Buy my song to find a GSD cure in memory of Mendel Cotlar!

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Coming soon! #wakeup4gsd

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Wake Up! - Modeh Ani
Composed, Lyrics & Performed by Mendel Lazaroff
לע"נ מנחם מענדל ע"ה בן דניאל שיחי' קאטלער
In loving memory of Mendel Cotlar, o.b.m.

Arrangement & Studio by Eli Pinto
Music Video Produced by Robert Reed
Directed by Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff

Special Thanks:
Cotlar Family
Alex Gordon
Eli Israel
Chanie, Chaya Mushka, Rivky, Levi, Bluma & Menucha Lazaroff 

About Wake up! - Modeh Ani

I started my music experience with piano, toyed with the flute, but came back playing seriously with the piano. I composed this song shortly after my good friend Mendel Cotlar's passed away, on Tuesday, Tishrei 13, 5775 / Oct. 7, 2014. Actually, any kid who knew him, considered him his good, if not best, friend. This happened only a few weeks after his bar-mitzvah when he had unexpected complications of GSD-1A, a metabolic disease. Mendel's younger brother, Aryeh, also has GSD and I hope we can find a cure!

A highlight of his Bar Mitzvah speech was when he discussed the short prayer on first awakening, Modeh Ani, which expresses gratitude to G-d for returning one’s soul on awakening each morning. Mendel asked everyone in attendance for a “birthday present”: to say Modeh Ani with concentration each day. Many guests, inspired, began doing this the very next day onward.

50% of the song's proceeds will be donated to world-class research to find a cure for GSD. Together we can hopefully help find a cure for GSD and Aryeh too!

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