Journey into the Soul of the Weekly Torah Portion


Class offered at Chabad of Uptown every Thursday
12-1:15 pm - Lunch* hour
(*$10 lunch)
8-9 pm Evenings

(Young Adults & Professionals; Wednesday eve, 8:30-9:30 pm)

The Book of Genesis: A 12 Part Journey

The Book of Genesis is the blueprint of creation,
full of insight about the nature of existence,
while our early ancestors and their inspiring stories
serve as paradigms for living with purpose.

The way we face the journey of life
depends on our perception of the world —
our ability to rise up to discern a deeper reality,
and recognize our role within the big picture.

Bereishit: One Torah, One Code, Many Meanings
We’ll be studying the core Code in which the Torah is written—a Code that enables just one book to contain such a universe of meanings.

Noach: The Silver Lining
The most universally painful experience in human history is the destruction of virtually the entire human race during the great flood — was truly a manifestation of Hashem’s unending goodness and kindness.

Lech Lecha: The Virtue of Selflessness
Reviewing the life of Avraham avinu, discover the root and source of human generosity, and gain insights into who Hashem is, what He wants of us, and why He sent us into this world.

Vayeira: Breaking the Bondage of Our Limitations
True, you have limitations, but how would it be possible for you to transcend them? Transcending our limits - a key theme of Chassidic thought.

Chayei Sarah: The Best Defense
Sarah’s strategy for dealing with her challenges and her opportunities can and should be our own: To meet them head on, with the assurance that the best defense is always a great offense that is aimed at proactively bringing goodness and G‑dliness into the world.

Toldot: Do You Believe in Miracles? 
How the miraculous conception and birth of Isaac—a miracle that happened more than 3,000 years ago— has everything to do with each and every one of us today.

Vayeitzei: The House of the G‑d of Yaakov
The need to find the right balance between the joy that comes from the fulfillment of intellectual exploration, and the need for humility and surrender to HaShem’s Will. 

Vayishlach: A Woman of the World 
From all outward appearances Dinah was not the kind of woman who anyone would want as a daughter-in-law or as a best friend. ook deeper into Dinah’s life and motivations, and discover once again that in the Torah, appearances can be completely deceiving.

Vayeishev: Two Links in an Eternal Chain
The unique relationship that existed between Yaakov and his son Yosef, is a relationship that we should all attempt to emulate. We will see that Yosef and Yaakov interacted with and respected each other as distinct individuals, yet at the same time they always saw one another as links in an eternal Jewish chain. Moreover, whenever they were together, and even when they were just thinking about each other, they knew and felt in the deepest way that Hashem was right there with them both.

Mikeitz: Sweetening Our Dreams
Yosef as the Torah’s preeminent interpreter of dreams, intimately linked to all of his other virtues, to his mission and purpose in life, and to his being a role model who we might think we can only dream about following.

Vayigash: Depth Perception
How often do we judge people and events only by what we see at first glance? Where and from whom can we learn to see things more deeply? How can we perceive life from many different perspectives simultaneously, so we can come closer to the whole truth of whatever and whoever we are considering? Through the wisdom of the Chassidic masters we will be able to confront our challenges more directly and make the best of our opportunities in a much more purposeful and G‑dly way.

Vayechi: The Leading Edge
By examining the relative qualities and shortcomings of both Reuven and Yehuda, we will be able to gain valuable, usable insights into the qualities of true leadership that each of us can apply at all times, in all places, and for all people.