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A nurturing environment where teens can learn about themselves through giving to others, identify with individuals who share the same faith, and be part of a group that focuses on building core values and stresses positive character development.
עקב הפופלוריות וההצלחה הגדולה למבוגרים בבית חב"ד, מעתה ימסרו שיעורים והרצאות ותוכניות גם לדוברי עברית.
Come fulfill this special Mitzvah of donning tefillin and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast including hot bagels, assortment of smoked fish and spreads.
Let's learn some Torah!
שיעור שבועי ביהדות לדוברי עברית
Shiur on the weekly Parsha. Study the week's Torah portion as illuminated with classic and mystical teachings making the parshah relevant and compelling!
The Jewish Learning Institute is a revolutionary concept in adult Jewish education. Offered seasonally as 6 part courses, it is an unprecedented presentation of traditional Judaism in a highly professional, innovative, academically rigorous yet accessible format.
Weekly dinner, class & social on contemporary Jewish ideas for Young Professionals. Come discuss, agree, disagree, mingle and network with other young Jewish professionals, singles and couples at series of classes / discussions on contemporary themes!
The Tanya compacts four millenia of Jewish wisdom to answer the great personal and existential questions of life. It has revolutionized the way we think about G-d, the human soul, the world and our place in it.
Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi's (ob"m) Masterworks on the weekly Parsha of Chassidic Philosophy, Torah Or & Likkutei Torah
Our Knowledgebase covers every area of Judaism, and gives you the Jewish spin on all other areas too! Information, tools, blogs, how-to wizards, multimedia, stories, women's and kids sections and so much more...

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